We’re continuing our washi tape series into the New Year (read 10 Ways to Washi: Holiday Edition if you missed it), for those of you who have either committed to becoming more crafty in 2015 or for those who want a pretty way to organize your life and your belongings. Washi tape is so versatile that you can use it in practically any way you can come up with, especially when it comes to organization, so we’ve rounded up 10 Ways to Washi organizing style!

Washi Tape
Paper tape originating from Japan. Made from natural fibers, such as bamboo, hemp, or the bark of Japanese trees. Strong hold, many designs and patterns available, and reusable without damaging the surface it was stuck to.

1. Washi in your planner.

There’s still time this year to pick up a nice planner and start organizing your schedule. Use washi tape as an extra, and pretty, way to help divide and bring order to your planner or paper calendar. Use the washi tape alone, or write on it. And no worries if something changes in your calendar, simply remove the washi tape with no fear of ripping the paper!

2. Label Keys.

How many times have you fiddled with your keyring trying to find the house key amongst the 10 other keys that look identical to it? Give each key a label, not by using the ugly, bulky, plastic ones that slide over the key or by trekking out to Walmart to get an expensive, designer key made; label those keys by using, you guessed it, washi tape. For extra security, swipe some ModPodge over the washi tape when you’re finished to keep it cleaner longer and to prevent the tape from peeling.

3. Label drinking glasses.

Sippy cups and kids water bottles are notorious for being misplaced, accidentally stolen, and used as a community drinking fountain. Cut down on the crime and the germ spreading by simply labeling those bottles with washi tape. This is perfect for church nurseries, daycare, and playdates where there are lots of kids around and also adults who can help monitor the watering hole. Bonus: Next ladies night, whip out a role of washi and label those wine glasses. Washi tape is good for all beverage containers!

4. Make bookmarks.

Give a simple paperclip or binder clip a facelift by wrapping a strip of washi tape around it. Not only will you be able to identify your page quicker, the bright cheerful colors will make whatever you’re reading that much more interesting!

5. Label products.

This is where washi tape really plays a huge part in organization. Sure, we labeled cords and keys, but imagine your delight when you find out that you can label almost anything in your home with washi tape! Instead of writing directly on a surface, using boring masking tape, or dragging out the labelmaker, you can throw labels on all your items in two seconds with a marker and washi tape. And you can rest assured that when it’s time to remove the tape, no residue will be left behind (you can’t say that about labelmaker labels or masking tape). 

6. Make magnets.

Organize and beautify your refrigerator door with DIY magnet strips. Stick your favorite washi tape onto thin magnetic strips, and cut to your desired length. 

7. Label file folders.

Don’t wait until spring cleaning day to go through all your important documents that are filed away. Take a naptime to sort through them and to properly label the folders. There’s nothing worse than trying to slide that tiny piece of paper into the title slot on a file folder only to have it fall out each time you open the cabinet. Instead, stick on a piece of labeled washi tape and crisis averted.

8. Label leftovers.

Washi tape comes in handy when it’s dinner time. After packing up the leftovers, label the containers with a piece of tape, writing down the contents and the date. Now there’s no more mystery and holding your breath when you go to open up the forgotten Tupperware in the back of the fridge.

9. Label Cords.

These days, we’re all swimming in cords. From the car to the desk to the kitchen drawer, cords have invaded our spaces! Since we’re stuck with them, why not make them a bit easier to deal with. Grab some washi tape and label those cords.

10. Label devices.

How about having to decipher between matching items, such as laptops, iPads, or other electronic items? If you have multiples in your house, stick a piece of washi on one to distinguish it from the other, and remember, it won’t damage the surface!

We’re sure you’ve realized by now that washi tape is the ultimate in organizing and labeling anything and everything. It makes organizing your life and your things PRETTY great!

Make sure to take a peek at 10 Ways to Washi: Holiday Edition if you missed it and continue to organize your life and your home by reading all the great stuff in our ORGANIZATION category. Stay tuned for even more Ways to Washi coming soon!

Photo Credits: Dani, Cinema and Spice, Paper and Pin, My Poppet, Simply Organized, The DIY Playbook, Clover & Violet



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