31 Day Organization Challenge: House Edition: Week 2

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Congratulations on making it through Week 1! Whether you strictly stuck to the schedule and enjoyed every moment of the challenge or just begrudgingly did a couple days here and there while getting your toes wet, we hope you were able to clear out some clutter and better organize your kitchen space. This week we are focusing on the main living areas and the dining areas. This can look different for different houses and setups, so again, use this just as a guideline and customize it to your specific areas. For example, you may have a living room and family room or no dining room and just a breakfast area. It’s up to you to decide which areas you want to declutter and organize that generally fall into these two categories.

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs. – Henry Ford

CLICK HERE to download the printable schedule for this week and post it on your fridge so you know what tasks to focus on each day.

Living Room

Day 1 – Television Area

Whether you have a simple TV stand or an elaborate entertainment center, now is the time to sort through all the junk that’s piled up in there. Take out everything and have your TRASH, DONATE, KEEP bags nearby. Be sure all electronic items are in good working order and that all the cords aren’t in a tangled mess. Consider adding some baskets, not only for an aesthetically pleasing look, but also for storage so things stay neat and organized. Find one easily accessible place for all the remotes/video game controllers/etc. such as this contemporary media organizer.     

Day 2 – End Tables

Unless you love collecting end tables and have a slew of them in your living room, this day shouldn’t be too time consuming. Simply empty out all tables and only put back necessary items. Less is always more. 

Day 3 – Toys

Some of us that don’t have the luxury of a playroom in our homes resort to using the living room as a makeshift playroom. That doesn’t mean your living room can’t still be clutter-free and organized (to an extent!). Adults do still use this room for the better part of each evening. Read Managing Toy Clutter for ways to help wrangle the toy mess. 

Day 4 – Bookcases

If you have any bookcases in your living room, go ahead and clear them out, utilize your TRASH, DONATE, KEEP bags, and then place back items. We know we said we’re not focusing on cleaning, but when do you ever completely empty out your bookcases? Not often we bet, so now is a great time to wipe down all that dust. 

Dining Room

Day 5 – Tabletop

The last half of this week we move on to the dining room. Whether you have a fancy dining room table or a modest breakfast area, there’s probably at least a few items on the tabletop that shouldn’t be there. Clear it all off and make your goal to end up with a completely empty tabletop (a pretty centerpiece doesn’t count!). And from now on, try to resist the temptation of making the dining room table a drop off place for all your clutter each day. 

Day 6 – Buffet

We’re talking about that big piece of furniture kept in your dining room that you may or may not even open. Buffet, hutch, china cabinet, sideboard… found it? Usually large and filled with either your everyday wine glasses or your never-been-used wedding china, it’s chock full of things that you need to go through. You know the drill by now, so clean it out and reorganize it. And remember, you don’t have to keep things you haven’t used in 10 years. We’ll take the blame if your mother-in-law ever finds out.   

Day 7 – Linens

Your dining room linens may be in your buffet, in which case, you’re done for the day, or they may be kept in someplace other than the dining room. We’re talking about tablecloths, cloth napkins, decorative runners, etc. Find them and sort through them, only keeping what you use. And you may end up discovering a better place to store them.

If there’s anything else lingering in your dining room that doesn’t belong there, move it now, either to a TRASH, DONATE, KEEP bag or to the proper place it belongs in the house.

  • Take any full trash bags out to the curb and consider a Goodwill drop off if you have a significant amount of items to donate.

Well done on another, hopefully easier week! Enjoy a nice dinner in your clutter-free dining room and a fun movie in your organized living room, and give yourself a pat on the back for making the decision to bring more order and peace into your home and life. Now onto the bedrooms…

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Photo Credits: Dani, Living Room By Emily May (CC BY 2.0)

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