31 Day Organization Challenge: House Edition: Week 3

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We are about halfway through the month, and we’re sure this is becoming the longest, most exhausting, nitty-gritty month of work you’ve ever put into decluttering and organizing your house! We promise you it will be well worth it when you meet the finish line. And you’re almost there. So keep pushing up your sleeves, turn on some motivating tunes, and pick up the pace as we start tackling those bedrooms. Whether you have two or six, try to go through as many bedrooms as you can this week. Bonus points for giving your kids (if they’re old enough) the same printable list you’re following and let them take charge of their room. Go ahead and offer (or bribe) a sweet reward if they do a great job!

A place for everything and everything in its place. – Benjamin Franklin

CLICK HERE to download the printable schedule for this week and post it on your fridge so you know what tasks to focus on each day.

Day 1 – Nightstands

Let’s start out easy by working on nightstands first. Same process as before; remove all items, sort through with your KEEP, TRASH, DONATE bags, and then replace items that you want to keep on your nightstand (in a more organized fashion). Only focus on keeping a few essential items by your bed, and something pretty or calming, such as fresh flowers, a beautiful picture frame with your loved ones, or a soothing candle. Not only will this help you to remain clutter-free, but keeping a minimalistic nightstand will give you a sense of peace each night before you go to sleep and each morning as you wake.

Day 2 – Under The Bed

It’s time to get down on your knees and brave the dark unknown of under the bed. Hopefully there’s nothing too scary lurking under there. Grab a long broomstick and fish around until you pull everything out from underneath. Sort through items, and with the exception of essential storage needs, try to keep underneath beds empty. If you need some under bed storage options, check out these containers that will keep your things organized, dust-free, and convenient.

Day 3 – Toys

Hopefully only a couple of your bedrooms contain large amounts of toys. In which case, those are the rooms to focus on today by reading Managing Toy Clutter.

Day 4 – Dressers

It’s time. Time to get rid of your beloved acid wash jeans, your husband’s high school t-shirts, and your 2 year old’s 3 month onesies. We’ve allocated two days for this heart-wrenching task. Be sure to keep your TRASH and DONATE bags right by your side and use them more often than you’d like. Keep similar items together, and if the drawer you keep t-shirts in is still overflowing, then keep getting rid of shirts until they all fit nicely.

Day 5 – Finish Dressers

Finish purging and organizing the dressers in all your bedrooms. Give a shout of success for the bags you’ve filled up and the space you’ve made for new clothes

Day 6 – Closet

It’s the closet’s turn now. Same process as the dressers, but probably a bit more daunting. Take a deep breath and just keep pushing through. If you haven’t worn an item in ONE YEAR, the chances of you ever wearing that item again are slim to none. So get rid of it! Try to go through your closet in a quick, efficient manner, keeping emotion out of your decisions. We can assure you that with the amount of clothing the average American has, if you get rid of an item, chances of you missing or even remembering that item are also slim to none. Read How To Organize a Small Closet for more tips and tricks to get you started. 

Day 7 – Finish Closet

Finish up the closets.

Extra Credit: For a beautiful way to organize and class-up your closet, switch all your hangers to matching ones, either simple white plastic hangers, durable wooden hangers, or space-saving slim velvet hangers.

There are also so many clever products out there that make organizing your closets super easy, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing. Check out a few of our favorite closet organizers.

  • Take any full trash bags out to the curb and consider a Goodwill drop off if you have a significant amount of items to donate.

We’ll be very surprised if you don’t get the best night’s sleep of your life tonight. Not only will you be thoroughly exhausted, but looking around at your clutter-free and well-organized bedroom should give you a sense of peace and calm, perfect mental conditions for sleeping well. One more week left of the organization challenge. Let’s wrap this thing up, and get our bathrooms and a few other miscellaneous areas just as neat and tidy as the rest of our house. 

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Photo Credits: Dani, Closet By Rubbermaid Products (CC BY 2.0)

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