4 Holiday Treats to get the Kids into the Kitchen

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without baking some fun and tasty holiday goodies! By inviting kids into the kitchen, it creates togetherness for family while having a fun time. You might be surprised to learn how much fun cooking can be when kids are involved. There are some solid benefits to getting kids into the kitchen, and because kids are so eager to learn, your time together in the kitchen is sure to be memorable

Today we share 4 Holiday Treats that are sure to get the kids in the kitchen and cooking.

1. Chocolate Covered S’mores

This first recipe is one that is sure to be everyone’s favorite. It brings back a sense of Fall, yet can be festive enough for Christmas. It’s Chocolate Covered S’mores! Who doesn’t like s’mores? With this recipe, the kids can decorate their s’mores just the way they want. So go crazy, and buy a variety of sprinkles and frosting to spice things up!

One thing to keep in mind is that when you’re putting the marshmallow in between the graham crackers, be generous, but not too generous. If you’re too generous, when you go to dip the s’more in the chocolate, too much marshmallow can contribute to the chocolate dripping off rather than sticking.

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2. Waffle Cone Christmas Tree Cookies

This next treat is easy to make with children of all ages.

These Waffle Cone Christmas Tree Cookies are an easy alternative to the messy, sticky and stale gingerbread houses! This recipe includes 3-4 ingredients consisting of a waffle cone tipped upside down and then covered in green frosting. From there, you can add M&M’s and tubed frosting to represent ornaments and garland.

Note: You can also add your finished product to a cupcake to make a Waffle Cone Christmas Tree Cupcake!

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3. Marble Sugar Cookies

This next treat is an easy one and the kids will love helping with it.

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4. Pretzel M&M Hugs: Christmas Style

For this recipe you’ll need pretzel squares, Hershey kisses and M&M’s. Make sure to watch your kids, because they’ll have their little hands all over the chocolates candies. You simply spread out the pretzels on a cooking pan and place a Hershey kiss on-top of each pretzel. You will cook it in the oven for the designated time, and top it with an M&M before the kisses cool. Again, aim to place green and red M&M’s on-top of the Hershey kisses. Easy and delicious!

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With Christmas right around the corner and the weather starting to turn bitter and cold, now is the best time to get your kids involved in baking. Not only will they love helping in the kitchen, but they’ll love making these tasty and festive treats. They will be inspired to practice their creativity while also learning important and fun lessons in the kitchen with their loved ones.

If your child loves to bake, be sure to check out Holiday Baking: Montessori Style. 

Photo credits: Ashley Huffman, Danielle Jones

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