5 Delicious Treats to Make with Yellow Cake Mix

Everyone knows how great cake mixes are for making cake, but that’s not all they’re capable of making! In fact, it’ll blow your mind to know all of the awesome things cake mix can do. Are you ready to step up your baking game?

Today we share with you 5 delicious recipes using yellow cake mix.

You have two options, you can either purchase a box of yellow cake mix, or you can make your own! It really depends on your preference. If you’re an expert in the kitchen, challenge yourself to make your own. If you tend to not follow directions well or you don’t have the needed time to whip up the recipe by yourself, we suggest that you buy a box from the store. It’s also super cheap and the only ingredients you have to add are eggs, water and vegetable oil.

1. Nana’s Blueberry Crunch

This blueberry crunch includes a box of yellow cake mix, blueberries, pineapples and chopped pecans. Not only is this recipe absolutely delicious, but it’s easy to make without a ton of ingredients. This treat would be perfect for a family holiday breakfast or after dinner desert. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, so everyone will enjoy this tasty treat!

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2. Peach Cobbler Dump Cake

If you love peaches, you will love this recipe! This peach cobbler dump cake is decadent and flavorful. With only four ingredients and a handful of directions, this recipe is quick to make. We suggest using fresh in-season peaches instead of frozen ones. Fresh peaches are more flavorful and easy to incorporate into the recipe.

This tasty treat is perfect for before-school breakfast for the family or a weekend treat.

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 3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

For the chocolate lovers out there, this next recipe is definitely aimed at you! This recipe only includes four ingredients, and you have the choice to make chocolate chip cookies or chocolate chip bars.

This is great for your child’s lunch box desert or an after work treat.

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 4. Gooey Monster Cookies

This next treat is perfect for a birthday or Halloween party! Your kids are sure to want to help out in the kitchen by making this tasty and fun treat. By getting your kids to help mix in the neon food coloring and rolling the dough into colored balls before cooking them, they’re sure to have a blast. Once these cookies are out of the oven, your kids will enjoy putting the eye-balls onto the cookies.

This recipe is great for parties, and will definitely catch the attention of your guests! 

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 5. Boston Cream Poke Cake

This Boston Cream Poke Cake is a delicious treat for those who like cake, chocolate and pudding. This recipe may require a bit more steps, but it allows you to add a creative twist to the recipe. The cake is moist and rich with flavor because of the added ingredients and it’s the perfect treat to replace a birthday cake!

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For those who love treats but hate the hassle of having to mix several ingredients, using yellow cake mix simplifies your cooking experience. By minimizing the time that is needed to cook and clean up a half dozen bowls, you’re able to enjoy more time with the family while your tasty treat cooks in the oven. 

For more deliciously easy dessert ideas, check out these Chocolate Chip Butterscotch Banana Cookies!

Photo credits: Danielle Jones, Bakerella, Kristen Douglas, Ashley SiskWittney Sawyer

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