5 Ways to Beat Winter

Winter is coming in most parts of the country and for the majority of people it is a very depressing time of the year. Many people think that winter blues are normal, but Seasonal Affective Disorder is a major depressive syndrome with clinical manifestations. Don’t let the winter blues get you down by following these tips. 

1. Get a Lightbox

A lightbox balances your body clock by simulating daylight and counteracting the effects of winter. Light therapy can enhance your mood and boost your energy. A lightbox emits a healing UV free light which is an equivalent to blue sky light in the North Pole. It will help you re-sync your body’s internal clock and helps encourage concentration.

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2. Exercise and be active

A 2005 study from Harvard University found that walking fast for 35 minutes a day 5 times a week improved symptoms of mild to moderate depression. Go skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, for a run, play in the snow- get your heart rate up. Aside from mood boosting properties, exercise and outdoor activities will keep you busy and before you know it, you will be saying goodbye to winter.

3. Keep dry skin away

Dry skin is a common bane when it comes to wintertime. Make sure you moisturize daily after taking a shower. If you have more sensitive dry skin, try Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Moisture Jelly Cream. It acts as a perfect moisturizer and barrier to wind and cold and is designed for those with severely dry skin.

Rich, creamy and easily absorbent, Vaseline cream moisturizes skin by 250% for 18 hours. It hold a National Eczema Association seal of approval, and serves as a great go-to cream for those with eczema. 

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4. Sleep

Sleep is known to improve well being and mental health and lack of sleep can exacerbate winter depression. There is a marked increase in our sleep needs in the winter- no wonder bears hibernate. They know what’s good for them. So don’t fight it, sleep more, follow your body’s needs and clock and you will find yourself more productive and energetic during the day. 

5. Take a vacation

We don’t need to convince anyone in the fact that vacations are good for you. So escape! Take your friends or your kids or your whole family and fly down south for a vacation of a lifetime. You will feel happy planning it for a few months and looking forward to it. You will enjoy it while you’re relaxing on the beach. And then you will spend a few months reminiscing about the fun times you had. Not a bad way to spend the winter months. Need some ideas? Check out our TRAVEL category for some inspiration!

This is a sponsored conversation written by us on behalf of Vaseline. The opinions and text are all ours.


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