All Natural Home Fragrances

All Natural Home Fragrances

When we think of the cold Winter months, a few things may flash through our minds: fireplaces, cozy evenings indoors, curling up under blankets, and burning candles.  Let’s not forget all those delicious aromas that imbue our homes, too! Here is an inexpensive and easy way to fill your home with some wonderful all-natural home fragrances!

Using natural aromas in your home is another way to decorate it, just as with artwork or music.  Expression through this sense adds a special dimension that will leave you with a more beautiful ambiance.  Natural, capturing, light aromas can make your home more inviting for guests and it can provide your family with the added benefit of stress-relieving aromatherapy, too.  Not everyone decides to use this avenue of approach since candles or air fresheners are not always practical.  Sometimes, they may contain chemicals that could aggravate allergies, too, or they may altogether be too strong for the sensitive nose.


A traditional and completely natural way to get those delicious and welcoming aromas is to simmer different mixtures of all-natural ingredients on the stove. Not only does this fill your kitchen and the surrounding rooms with a pleasant scent, it also adds a bit of humidity to the air which can help to keep your skin from becoming dry.  Humidity also helps curb the spread of airborne germs during the winter months.  Whether you have guests arriving at the front door, or are reading your favorite book on the couch, you now have the benefits of inviting scents in the air, as well as a healthier environment to offer.   

These stovetop scents are inexpensive, the ingredients are easy to acquire, and they all smell amazing when simmering on the stove!  

 Getting Started: 

Start by filling a small pot with water and add a combination of citrus (sliced in rounds or just use the peel), spices, and herbs.  Bring water and ingredients to a boil, then set to low and let simmer. Be sure to watch the water level and refill water when it begins to get low.  Setting a timer is a great reminder! 

Make each scent stronger by doubling the ingredients, but remember not to make it overpowering.

Combinations to Try:


Evergreen and Cinnamon

  • Add a few small pieces of  fragrant evergreen
  • One full stick or two small sticks of cinnamon

This combination is really reminiscent of the holidays. Perfect for a snowy (or rainy) afternoon when it is so comforting to bring a little woodsy smell inside.


Orange Spice

This fragrance has such a warm and sweet smell. For this we used ground cloves but whole cloves will work also. 

Another idea is to save orange and lemon peels from summer juicing and then freeze them to for use in these fragrance recipes. 


Rosemary and Lemon

  • 1 Lemon (sliced rounds or peel only)
  • 1 or  2 springs of rosemary,  
  • 1 tsp vanilla

A very clean, and aromatic  scent. 

 Other Combinations to Try: 

Lime, Thyme, Mint and Vanilla 

A very beautiful yet unique scent with a beautiful depth because of the mixture of citrus, herbs, and vanilla.

Almond and Vanilla

Add 1 tsp of almond extract and 1 tsp of vanilla. This scent smells amazing– rich, warm, and nutty. 

Customize Your Own Scent

Allspice, Anise, Bay leaves, and nutmeg as well as extracts such as almond or mint.  Mix your favorite scents to form the perfect combination–there is no limit to your creativity!

For more more ideas to decorate your home this Winter see our Nest category! For more personal aromatherapy ideas for you and your family see our 4 soothing essential oil baths post! 

Photo Credit: Kirsten

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