DIY Photo Display Board

DIY Photo Display Board

A picture is worth a thousand words, but does it say anything when no one sees it? Most of our photos are hanging out in cyber world with only a handful making its way into the “real world.” Part of that may be because we have run out of unique ideas, or shelves, to display them.  Problem solved! With this adorable and super easy DIY Photo Display Board, you can show off those precious photos in a fun way. 

Get Started

The size you want for your photo board will determine the size cork board you select. For this tutorial, a 12 x 12 inch size was used. Based on the size you use, cut your chosen fabric 2-3 inches larger than the board. 

Place the fabric face down on your flat work surface. Place the cork board, also face down, in the center of the fabric. Starting at the center of each side, pull the fabric up and around to the back. Using scotch tape, tape it into place. This will allow you to make adjustments before using a permanent means of attaching.

Be careful when pulling the fabric around the board- pulling it too tight will stretch and distort the pattern.

Once you’ve determined everything is centered, remove the tape one piece at a time, and squeeze a line of hot glue onto the back of the cork board. Press the fabric into the glue and allow to cool. Continue this with the rest of the taped sides. 

For the corners, fold a third of the material down and glue into place. Next, fold the remaining material down and glue into place. 

If the cork board you purchased has built-in holes for hanging, make sure you leave them exposed.

Now that all the fabric is secured to the board, it’s time to get to work on the ribbon. Decide on a pattern you’d like for the ribbon and lay it out on top of the board, using the tape to secure it in place. Again, this will allow you to make adjustments before permanently attaching it. Once you’ve got the layout you like, secure the ends of the ribbon to the back of the board using hot glue. Continue until all the ribbon is attached. 

And now for the finishing touch. At each cross section, add a decorative push pin.

Now your board is ready to be hung and filled with your favorite photos! 

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Photo credits: CeceLynn Design 

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