3 DIY Advent Calendars

3 DIY Advent Calendars

For many families, using Advent Calendars during the Christmas Season is a tradition everyone looks forward to. Whether the calendar is filled with chocolate, stories, toys or activities, each day is special and anticipated. There are some beautiful Advent Calendars on the market, from stunning tapestry-like calendars, to sturdy treasure box types, to delicate glass displays. Or you may feel that making your own is the best option for you. If you’re finding yourself preferring the latter, you’re in luck! We have 3 simple but sweet DIY Advent Calendar options to choose from.

Mini Muffin Tin Calendar


First thing you’re going to do is cut the card stock and scrapbooking paper to fit over the holes in the muffin tin, making sure to cut the scrapbook paper a fraction smaller than the card stock. Since there are 24 holes, you’ll need to make 24 covers. 


Once the covers are cut, attach the scrapbook paper to the card stock using tape. Use the festive stickers to decorate the fronts and the black marker to add the numbers. 


The last step is to glue the magnet pieces to the back of each cover. Make sure you keep them at the top of the covers to assure they’ll stick to the muffin tin. 


Envelope Tree Calendar

envelope tree2 What you’ll need:

This is the simplest of all the DIY Calendars, so it’s perfect for someone who doesn’t have the time to create a very involved calendar. 

Select 25 envelopes using any assortment of color and size you prefer. You can choose to keep it sleek and simple, using all the same size and color, or you can make it bright and visually interesting, using an array of colors and sizes. 


Once you’ve selected your envelopes, number the flaps on the open side from 1-25. 

On the solid side of the envelope, form a few tape donuts and stick them in the corners.


Scrapbook Pouch Calendar

pocket advent


You’re going to start with 25 pieces of scrapbook paper cut to measure 7″ x 4.5″. Take one piece of paper and roll it into a tube, using the scotch tape to secure it into place. Once the tube is formed, cover the scotch tape with the festive washi tape.


Flatten one end of the tube and secure with scotch tape. Now, flatten the other end of the tube in the opposite direction, creating a sort of pouch. Cover both ends with the washi tape.

Using the decorative labels, number 1-25 and stick to each pouch. 


Once all the pouches are made, string them up using the twine and clothespins.

Each of these simple Advent Calendars will add a beautiful holiday flair around your house. You can use these these calendars in the traditional sense, filling them with candies and treats, or you can use them with the Activity Calendar in mind. No matter how you utilize your Advent Calendars, remember it is the season for being together, sharing in tradition and bringing smiles to the faces of people all around you.

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Photo credits: Dani, CeceLynn Design

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