Cute as a Bug Valentines

 cute as a bug valentines

The most special Valentines are ones that come from the heart. So, why not make some easy, customized Valentine’s Day cards with your child that let their personality shine through? Making simple Valentines is a fun way to give family and friends an extra smile. Plus, what could be cuter than your own little bug making little Valentine’s Day bugs? Even if “crafty” isn’t exactly your middle name, with these adorable and easy Valentines, it doesn’t need to be!


Supplies Needed


Fluttery Heart Butterfly

    1. Cover the toilet paper roll with glue and a strip of construction paper.
    2. Cut out two hearts of the same size.
    3. Curl two ends of pipe cleaner around a pencil  for antennae.
    4. Glue eyes and draw a mouth. 
    5. Decorate wings. 
    6. Write a personal message. 


Bee Mine

    1. Cut out about 5” ovals and two identical hearts out of  yellow construction paper.
    2. Cut out one more small heart out of different color paper. 
    3. Cut out black strips for stripes and two small ovals for eyes
    4. Curl both ends of a pipe cleaner and fold into a “V”. 
    5. Glue wings and pipe cleaner antennae onto back of bee.
    6. Glue stripes and eyes onto the front of the bee. 
    7. Draw in a smiley mouth and a personal note . 

 Buggy Ladybug

Ladybug Love

  1. Dip the bottom of your child’s foot into red paint and put one footprint on the paper. 
  2. Allow red paint to dry.
  3. Color heel area of footprint with black paint.
  4. Paint small black hearts on the rest of the red and add antennae with paint or marker. 
  5. Glue two embellishments like little hearts onto the end of each antennae. 
  6. Finish with two googly eyes and a special message. 
For more ideas on fun crafts to do with your child check out our Make section!

Photo Credit: Kirsten

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