The holiday season is upon us and what better way to greet your visiting guests than with a gorgeous wreath on your front door? Some of these beautiful wreaths can cost you an arm and a leg at the store, so why not save some money and make one yourself? Creating a hand-made wreath will not only give you a sense of pride when your friends and family ask “Where did you get this?,” but making your own also allows you the ability to customize it in whatever color combinations you wish! This DIY Holiday Burlap is beautifully easy to make and will make a real statement on your front door or over your mantle.

Supplies you will need

Steps to take

    • Begin by wrapping your burlap around your wreath. Glue one end down and wrap it around and around until the whole wreath is covered, then glue the other end down on the back.

    • To do the yarn, glue one end down of the red (or green) and wrap it around around 2 inches apart at a slight angle. Glue the opposite end down on the back. Then take the other color yarn and do the same, wrapping it in the opposite direction so they criss cross on the front.
    • Next glue on the cranberry branch. Slide it under the yarn pieces for extra stability. 

    • Flower time! This wreath uses two different types of felt flowers: rolled flowers that sort of look like roses and one poinsettia. Here’s where making your own wreath is fun! You can follow just what we did here or change up the colors slightly. You can add more flowers too or use more than one pointsettia: it’s up to you!

    • To make a rolled felt flower: Begin by cutting a circle out of felt, the bigger the circle, the bigger the finished flower will be. Spiral cut it from the outside to the middle around and around, leaving a small circle of felt at the end to close the back of the finished flower. Once you are done cutting, take the end you cut first and roll it on its side, hot gluing as you go. Keep rolling and gluing until you get to the final circle then glue that to the bottom. This will finish your flower.

    • To make a felt poinsettia: Start by cutting 10 red petals, you can create a template and trace or just free cut. We went with a layered effect on this flower so we began gluing 5 petals in a star formation and then glued the other 5 in the same shape but staggering in between the first ones. Then create a center for your flower. For this one we glued 5 dark red buttons, but you could also cut a circle out of felt, or glue a jewel for a fancier wreath. Finally cut around the darker red felt to create a small border for your poinsettia.
    • We made one poinsettia and many rolled flowers in a variety of colors.

    • Now you will begin to glue your flowers on! Start by placing them on the wreath before you glue, to be sure you like where they are and that you have enough. Once you are happy with your arrangement, begin hot gluing them down, beginning with the poinsettia and then adding the rolled flowers cascading out.

  • The final step is to add a piece of ribbon to the top so it can be hung up! Now your wreath is finished!

Special Tips

  • For a more “finished look,” try to begin and end the yarn and burlap all on the same side of the cone so there is a “front” and a “back” to hide any glue that may peek through.
  • They don’t call it hot glue for no reason! Be careful when you are gluing down the yarn, careful to avoid your fingers.
  • Feel free to customize! Do you want more flowers or different colors? You can create your wreath just how you like it!
  • Having a handmade holiday this year? Consider buying the wreaths in bulk and making some as gifts! 

This DIY Burlap Holiday Wreath is such a beautiful one. It has a rustic holiday feel but still is clean-lined and simple and would look amazing as apart of your holiday decor!

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Photo Credits: Our Three Peas


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