DIY Ornaments for All Ages

DIY Ornaments for All Ages

With the holidays in full swing there is no better time to start crafting and creating traditions. It pretty much goes without saying that a huge part of the Christmas tree is the ornaments we adorn it with. Why not make those ornaments yourself? Gather everyone in the family (no age is too young or too old) to make these fun and creative ornaments with minimal supplies. 

First, you will need to purchase clear globe ornaments.

There are a few options for the style of globe ornaments, glass or acrylic, small openings or large openings, and so on. We recommend using acrylic ornaments for safety purposes. Although there are heavy duty shatter resistant glass ornament options currently on the market if you can’t part with the look of glass. The choice of small opening ornaments and/or large opening ornaments is personal preference. The small opening ornaments may be perfect for your toddler practicing fine motor skills, whereas the larger opening ornaments may be perfect if you have larger items to fill the ornaments. 

Next, you will need to choose creative fillings for your ornaments.

Keep in mind age appropriate fillings! Try to buy non-toxic fillings when you can. Here are several ideas for filling your ornaments. Make it fun, be creative, let your child explore with ornament fillings. 

Lastly, fill your ornaments with creative fillings and voila!

You now have beautiful hand-made ornaments to decorate your tree for many years to come. Carry on this tradition each year and watch your creations grow as your family grows! 

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Photo Credit: Ornaments by Janin; Craft supplies adapted from Staci Flick (CC); Ribbon adapted from m01229 (CC)

Source: Michaels

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