DIY Yarn Candy Cane Tree

Looking for a new way to dress up your table or mantel this holiday season? Why not spend a few minutes making this incredibly easy candy cane yarn tree that is not only so easy to make, but also adds a beautiful hand-made touch to your home? Holiday decorations can get expensive, and between parties, special foods and presents- it’s always great to save a little money when you can. This candy cane yarn tree takes around a half hour to make, and for under $10 total- you can’t go wrong!

Supplies you will need

Steps to take

    • Trace the bottom of your cone onto a piece of white (or even red) felt to create a circle. Cut it out and save it until the end. You will glue it on the bottom so it has a soft bottom and not a scratchy styrofoam one. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you really won’t see it.

    • Begin by hot gluing a ring of the red yarn on the bottom of the styrofoam cone. Glue it all the way around so it won’t slip off later.
    • Continue wrapping the yarn around and around (you don’t have to glue it all) until it is the desired thickness you want. This one is done in about two inch sections. When you are at the desired thickness, cut your yarn and glue the other end down, making sure that there is no styrofoam showing through the yarn. 

    • Next do a section of white in the same way, gluing down the beginning piece, wrapping and then gluing down the end. Repeat this until you get to the top of the cone. 

  • Once you are at the top, you will have to cover the top of the cone with the yarn. You can do this by placing some glue at the very top and placing some yarn over it and then around then over the top and around, continuing until you have covered the whole top. It may look a bit messy in the beginning (see first picture), but you can be sure it looks finished by wrapping a single layer around until it reaches the very top in a neat way (see second picture). Then you are finished!

Special Tips

  • For a more “finished look”, try to begin and end the yarn all on the same side of the cone so there is a “front” and a “back” to hide any glue that may peek through.
  • They don’t call it hot glue for no reason! Be careful when you are gluing down the yarn, careful to avoid your fingers.
  • You don’t have to stick with red and white either! You can do a family of trees in red and green, or even a non traditional shade of purple. You could do a blue and white combo for a Hanukkah themed tree too.
  • These trees would look great alone with some other holiday decorations or with a few of varying sizes, and for how simple these are, you won’t mind crafting a whole forest!

These Candy Cane Trees are so fun and simple to make. They would make a great centerpiece or even be great gifts for someone special in your life!

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Photo Credits: Our Three Peas

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