Let it Snow! Make Your Own Snowflakes

Make Your Own Snowflakes

Cutting out snowflakes can be deceptively difficult. It is hard to get the right shape and design without looking like a kindergarten art project (though real kindergartener art is always cute, of course!). With this tutorial, you’ll be on your way to creating snowflakes that actually look worthy of hanging in your windows, on a Christmas tree, or displayed on your mantle. If you’re feeling extra creative, make some miniature sized ones to use as card tags for your gifts this year! Keep reading for a photo tutorial on how to make perfect snowflake cut-outs.

The first step to getting the right snowflake is to make sure it’s circular. To do this, you need to start with square pieces of paper. You don’t need fancy construction or art paper–though they would certainly look nice. Regular computer paper is fine–just cut the end off to make it a square. Once you have enough square sheets, you’re ready to get started folding.


Fold the paper in half diagonally so that it forms a triangle. Next, fold the triangle in half.


Fold the triangle in thirds. You will fold the top and bottom pieces in opposite directions to make it look like the picture. This step is a little tricky and it may take a few tries to get the folds even, but you want to end up  with two pointed ends on opposite sides along the bottom.


Cut off the two pointed edges along the bottom so that you now have a triangle shape once again. This is your starting point for making cuts.


From here, you have to do a little experimenting. Some people prefer rounder shaped snowflakes and others prefer sharper edges that appear that might cut you in a larger size. You’ll need to play around a bit and keep track of the types of cuts that you like and their placements. Stick with either rounded edges or pointed edges for cleaner looking snowflakes. Squared pieces on the ends can work–but they are much harder to do right and your folding needs to be spot on. You do not need to mark your cuts. It was shown here to give an idea of what types of cuts will produce different cut-out shapes in the finished snowflake.

Finally, grab the kids and embellish! Bring out your glitter glue! Sure you can start with sparkly papers, but it’s way more fun to add dots and lines to your snowflakes once they are all cut out. Your kids will enjoy coloring the snowflakes, as well–but they certainly won’t have to– these also look pretty darn good left plain.

We wish you could post your snowflake creations in the comments, but let us know if you give this a try! Snowflake cut-outs as an adult are just as fun as they were when you were a kid–but now you have the advantage of being able to figure out how to make them look a lot better! Pull out your favorite pair of scissors and glitter glue and get started! Your windows are waiting!

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Photo Credit: Katherine

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