Love Monster Valentine Mailboxes

Love Monster Vaneltine Mailboxes

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there are a few things that you need to do for your kids to be prepared; selecting and preparing a Valentine themed snack, picking out and putting together their classroom Valentines, and creating their personal Valentine Mailbox. When it comes to making these boxes meant to receive and carry all the precious Valentines from friends and family, the possibilities are endless. If you’ve never read to book The Love Monster with your kids, it’s certainly one you should consider adding to your list. In the meantime, your kids will love to make these silly little monster mailboxes for their Valentines.


Love Monster Tissue Box Mailbox

What you’ll need:
Get Started:

First thing you’ll want to do is trace each side of the tissue box on your chosen color of construction paper. Once you’ve finished that, use your scissors to cut them out. 

One at a time, glue each piece of construction paper to their respective sides on the tissue box. Cut out an opening in the paper for the monster’s mouth. Set aside.

If you have a large rectangle tissue box, you’ll most likely have a larger opening. Decide how large you want the monster’s mouth to be and cut the opening to that size. It does not have to be the exact size of the tissue box hole.

Using a piece of construction paper, cut out any size, shape and color teeth you’d like for your monster. One at a time, glue them onto the underside of the box opening. 

Now, to add on the monster’s silly eyes. Glue a googly to however many craft puffs you chose. Once the glue is dry and the googly eyes are secure, glue the puff onto the tissue box using whatever placement you like. 

If you want a super silly looking monster, consider two different sizes for each puff and an untraditional placement for the eyes.

You can choose to keep him a solid color or add some details. The final step is to add your child’s name so everyone knows whose mailbox it is. 


Love Monster Paper Plate Mailbox

Get Started: 

For this one, you’ll want to start by cutting one of the two paper plates in half. You will be displaying the back of the halved plate in your design. 

Next, you’ll be coloring your paper plates whatever color you chose for your monster. If you purchased pre-colored plates you’re ahead of the game! You’ll need to color the front of the whole plate and the back of the halved plate.

Once you’ve finished coloring the plates, it’s time to connect them. Using the stapler, staple the plates together, keeping the staples as close to the edge as possible. 

Using a piece of construction paper, cut out whatever shape, size and color teeth you want for the monster, focusing on a bottom set of teeth only. Glue them to the underside of the halved paper plate. 

While you have the construction paper and scissors out, go ahead and cut out the eyes you’d like for the monster. Using different sizes or even more than two eyes can make the monster look extra silly. At this point, if you want to add ears you can cut them out as well. Glue the eyes to the whole plate above the opening. 

To attach the yarn, you can either poke two holes in the plate, push the end of the yarn through and tie a knot, or you can simply staple it to the plate. 

The final step is to add your child’s name to this adorable little monster. 

These little Love Monster Valentine Mailboxes are sure to be a hit with not only your kids, but with their friends as well.

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Photo credits: CeceLynn Design

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