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Finding ways to create less trash and provide a better environment we can all enjoy is a mission you may wish to challenge yourself to all year round. Less trash means healthier air, happier animals, and a stronger world for us all to enjoy. As a reminder of how important it is to live a sustainable lifestyle, April has been dubbed Earth Month, allowing us to encourage green living beyond a single day. In honor of the occasion we’ve decided to take on the #LessWasteChallenge to reduce 1 lb of waste per week with the help from our friends at Tom’s of Maine. Today we’ll be showcasing one of the ways we’re living out this challenge and mission of Earth Month by reusing items that may otherwise go to the landfill. Today we’ll be sharing how you can repurpose the packaging from your Tom’s of Maine toothpaste to create a trendy pencil holder for your desk or workspace. Why purchase an expensive piece of desk decor when you can make it yourself? 

Recycled Pencil Holder

To create a pencil holder that matches the pictured design above, you will need four empty boxes. You could make your pencil holder smaller or larger depending on the number of boxes you have and your needs for storage. Other required supplies are a ruler, pen or pencil, glue, scissors, and a sheet of gold vinylFeel free to alter the color to whatever best suits your desk space; we chose gold because it is a very popular accent color. To begin, mark on each box where you wish to cut the tops of the holder. The pictured design above has four boxes of varying heights.

Lay the four boxes together and decide how you wish to arrange them.

If the ends of the boxes are open, use glue to close them firmly.

Assemble the boxes together in the pattern you wish to display them. Our design has the larger boxes in the middle and the two shorter sections on the outside. Glue the four pieces together with either craft or hot glue. While the pieces are drying, use clips to hold them together so the glue may set.

Once the glue has finished setting, remove the clips and paint on a thin primer coat of acrylic paint. The color does not matter as it will be covered with vinyl when the holder is complete. The paint is to prevent the lettering on the packaging from showing through the vinyl. 

Trace the shape of your finished pencil holder on the back side of the vinyl and cut around the edges. Make sure to account for the outside corners of the box. Gently peel off the vinyl backing and attach to the outside of the pencil holder. Press out air bubbles as you wrap the vinyl around. You will need two sections of vinyl, one for each side. Vinyl Tip: Remove only 1 inch of the backing at a time, and press firmly as you continue around the outside of the boxes.

Using the excess pieces of vinyl, cut sections that can be used to wrap the inside edges of the holder. Fold any excess vinyl around the edges to create a polished look.

Tom’s of Maine is dedicated to developing products with all natural ingredients and is committed toward inspiring environmental stewardship through sustainable business practices, including reducing waste through recycled content and biodegradability. Participating in recycling is the first step towards reducing the amount of waste we create everyday; finding creative ways to reuse what might otherwise be thrown away is another. You can find the full line of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste at Target, alongside several exclusive bath products that you won’t find anywhere else (and there’s even a Cartwheel offer to help provide a bit of cost savings). All natural ingredients and a full line of Sensitive Fragrance-Free body wash and soap bars makes Tom’s of Maine perfect for anyone who finds themselves sensitive to strong scents or has other allergies. Visit Toms of Maine’s website for more information.

We hope that you’ll join in on the #LessWasteChallenge and share how you’ll be creating a positive impact this Earth Day with both us and Tom’s of Maine. Share on Instagram and tag @dailymomig and @tomsofmaine so we can see what other creative ideas you come up with.

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