Simple Valentine’s Day Yarn Wreath

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and all things red and pink. Winter is still here, and depending on where you live, the world may still be gray and cold. Why not add some color and vibrancy to your front door by creating this beautiful and simple to make yarn wreath? Set on a sea of heather gray, these pink and red hearts jump out at you, and the criss cross of the yarn gives an argyle feel to your wreath. This will certainly brighten up your front door- and for a fraction of the cost of buying a similar wreath in the store.

Supplies you will need

Steps to take

  • Begin by wrapping your yarn around your wreath. Glue one end down and wrap it around and around until the whole wreath is covered, then glue the other end down on the back. For a 12 in. wreath we used almost a whole skein of yarn, so if you get a larger wreath you may want to get two skeins, just in case. This part takes the longest of your whole wreath, but can easily be done while you are watching your favorite show after the kids are in bed.

  • Next draw a heart whatever size you desire on the felt and cut it out as a template. Trace it on the felt and cut out multiple of the same sized hearts. For this wreath, we used 12 2-in. hearts.

  • Arrange the hearts on the wreath so they are in an alternating pattern and then glue them on. 

  • After you glue on the hearts, it’s time to criss cross the yarn over the top of them. Glue a new piece on the back and cross it over each heart in the same direction. After you are done, glue that end down and glue a second piece down and cross it over each heart in the opposite direction. This criss crossing with give the argyle effect we are looking for!

  • To hang the wreath, cut a long ribbon (we chose pink with white polka dots!) and tie it to the top in a bow. Now your wreath is ready to add some beautiful Valentine’s Day love to any door or wall!

Special Tips

  • For a more “finished look,” try to begin and end the yarn and burlap all on the same side of the cone so there is a “front” and a “back” to hide any glue that may peek through.
  • Be extra careful when you are gluing down the yarn, making sure you avoid your fingers.
  • Feel free to customize! This wreath would look amazing with red or pink yarn as well. Don’t be afraid to change it up if you want.

This Valentine’s Day Yarn Wreath is really very simple to make and is such a nice way to add a sweet touch to your Valentine’s Day decor, on a small budget too!

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Photo Credits: Our Three Peas

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