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Most people throughout the United States have an average commute time of 25 minutes each way. Multiply that across 246 days of work per year (minus weekends and 1 week vacation) and you will have spent 102 hours and 30 minutes traveling to and from work each year. Make the most of your commute by catching up on news, pop culture or learn something new.

If you prefer to avoid the local radio, podcasts are a great way to narrow down how you’d like to spend your time in the car each day. This list of commute friendly podcasts have regular episodes and are perfect for helping you get hyped up for the day ahead, or winding down on the road home.

The Lady Gang

This weekly podcast is just like joining your favorite group of ladies for brunch. Featuring pop culture highlights from Keltie Knight (Journalist), Jac Vanek (Entrepreneur) and Becca Tobin (Actress best known from Glee), they cover the best of gossip and interview celebrities in the hour long show. Their weekly update is like having your favorite trashy magazine brought to life.

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Totally Married

Totally Married features husband and wife Andy and Elizabeth as they discuss the in’s and out’s of marriage. Each week they take on a new topic that every couple can relate to in their hour long podcast in a realistic and down to earth conversation. Elizabeth also covers parenting challenges in her sister podcast, Totally Mommy, or has a more humorous show, Totally Laime.

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You Must Remember This

Every episode of ‘You Must Remember This’ showcases history from Hollywood that you most likely do not know already. Each week is a section of a larger series, covering everything from Star Wars to Charles Manson to stories from the backlot at MGM. If you are a movie fan or just enjoy history, this podcast is a perfect way to beef up your movie history. To decide where to start, look at the podcast episode list and pick the beginning of a series that interests you.

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Missed in History

Each episode of ‘Missed in History’ is a single story covering a topic that might not have been covered in your high school history class. Perfect for history buffs, this podcasts tells the in-depth stories of historical figures or moments that are extremely interesting but often overlooked. With several years of podcasts to go through, it’s possible to select the topics that interest you the most before you start downloading, and there is no reason to listen in chronological order. A few of the more popular stories are The Fantastic Fitzgerald’s, Pope Joan [The Female Pope], and Allan Pinkerton [Civil War Spy]. 

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The original ‘Serial’ is a few years old and you have to start at the beginning of Season One for the storyline to make any sense. The podcast covers the real life story of Adnan Syed, a young man who was convicted of the murder of his high school girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Investigators unfold the story allowing listeners to come to their own conclusions about whether or not Adnan should be held accountable for Hae’s death. In recent news, Adnan’s request for a retrial has been granted, showing just how many questions were left unanswered about his conviction.

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There are tons of ways to listen to podcasts, even if you do not have an Apple Device for listening. Most podcasts offer online listening options through their websites and alternative apps for Android users like Pocket Casts have made Internet talk shows accessible no matter what your listening device of choice is.

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