10 ways to reuse glass baby food jars

If you choose to use pureed baby food when it’s time for your baby to start eating solids, you may have a ton of glass jars destined for the recycling bin. They’ve served their purpose, right? What other use could they possibly have? Believe it or not, quite a few! In this post, we’ll break down some ways you can reuse those jars around the house and ultimately get more for your money. Sound good? 

Bathroom Storage

bathroom storage

Use the baby food jars as a way of storing and displaying bathroom essentials. The small jars are the perfect size for filling with cotton balls and Q-tips. Place on a nice plate or tray and set on a shelf, the counter or the back of the toilet.

 Candle Holder

candle holder

These jars make perfect tea-light candle holders. Using some fabric, ribbon or lace, there are countless ways you can customize them based on the room you choose to display them in. Also, you can decorate them for any season or holiday, or special occasion!

Homemade Seasoning Jars

spice jar

Once you’ve made your own chili seasoning or taco seasoning, you’ll need a place to store them. Using baby food jars will allow you to have a nice, tight seal. It is also a visually appealing storage container, almost as mini mason jars.


epsom salt

Just by simply adding a pretty cut of fabric and a small ribbon, you can make a beautiful gift of Bath Salt or Sugar scrub.

Flower Vase

flower vase

With just a little bit of paint or some decorative ribbon, you can turn the large glass jars into pretty flower vases perfect for a few small blooms.

Homemade Snow Globe


There’s no cuter way to use the empty jars than to make a miniature snow globe with it. Paint the lid a solid color. Find a tiny toy and using a waterproof epoxy glue, attach the toy to the inside of the lid. Fill the jar with water and maybe some glitter, tighten the lid and give it a shake!

Holiday Decoration

holiday decoration

With a bit of paint, some glue and some foam paper you can create some adorable decorations for each holiday. Get creative, and maybe even recruit the help of some little hands.

Craft Storage

craft storage

If you’re a crafter, you’re constantly in the search of a storage solution for those tiny items- other than the bag they came in! These glass jars are perfect! They’re clear, making visibility of its contents super easy, and they’re small enough to fit in any size drawer.

Cake in a Jar


A perfect alternative for a traditional cake or cupcakes would be baking the cake mix in these little jars. Follow the direction on the box for baking temperature, fill the jars half way with cake mix and bake. Once cooled, decorate as you like.

Air Freshener


Using a hammer and nail, punch holes into the lid of the baby food jar. When you fill the jar with your preferred seasonal potpourri scent, the holes will allow the scent to escape the jar and fill the room.

To make your own potpourri, simply find some items small enough to fit into your jar- acorns, leaves, dried flower petals- and place in a bowl. Drop some of your favorite essential oils in and give it a good mix. It’s now ready for the jar.

When it comes to saving money, repurposing is absolutely the way to go! If you can reuse something you already have around the house, you’ll not only save yourself money, but you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece to enjoy in your home.

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Photo credits:  The Quinntessential Mommy,CeceLynn Design


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