10 Ways to Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs

10 Ways to Reuse Easter Eggs

Easter has come and gone — and now you’re left with a few stray (black) jelly beans, plastic grass (everywhere!), and those colorful plastic eggs. Our advice? Hold on to those eggs (and toss the black jelly beans — yuck!)! There are lots of fun ways to reuse them throughout the year; here are ten “eggcelent”  ideas.

1. Educational activities

Probably the first thing that comes to mind here are counting, sorting and matching games you can play with your plastic eggs. But, there’s so much more you can do! For a lesson on the alphabet, try writing capital/lowercase letters on each half of an egg. Mix them up, then have your preschooler match up the correct uppercase and lowercase letter.

2. Treasure Hunt

Fill the eggs with small toys (art supplies, TOOB animals — whatever your kid is interested in) and hide them around the house/yard/park. Make older kids work a little harder by creating a scavenger hunt, hiding clues in each egg to lead up to a grand prize at the end!

3. Rewards Jar

Write down rewards for good behavior: things like fun outings, trips to the bookstore, going out to eat at a favorite restaurant. Fold each reward in an egg, and put the eggs in a big jar. Have your child pull out an egg when he’s reached a goal or milestone, learned something new, or just had a great day.

4. Play Dough Storage

Kids love play dough — but that stuff is messy! The worst part is getting it out of those skinny containers — it gets under tiny fingernails and all over the place.

Solution: the play dough egg. Simply put the dough in an egg, snap shut, and voila! It’s easy peasy to get out. Bonus for color coordinating eggs to the play dough inside — or making your own!

5. Tiny Terrariums

This is a fun hands-on activity to get kids excited about spring! Using a larger plastic egg, add (in this order): sand, potting soil, a small plant, a few drops of water, and decor (small animals, miniature gnome, plastic insects, etc.). This would be a fun rainy day activity, and is a great introduction to gardening!

6. Water Toys

Bath toys are expensive! Try tossing a bunch in the water and let your kids fill, dump and toss them during bath time. This also works for the local baby pool, too (and you probably won’t be too upset when they inevitably go missing!).

7. Nesting Dolls

Have a bunch of different-sized eggs? Make a set or two of nesting dolls! Have your child draw faces (human or animal) and clothes on them, decorate (think: glitter, googly eyes, or stickers), then nestle them in one another, smallest to largest.

8. Snack Containers

Make your preschooler’s lunch fun by portioning bite-sized fruit, veggies, and snacks into individual eggs.

9. Bird Feeder

This is an easy, albeit messy, craft kids will love!

Thread a string through the inside of your egg, then put egg back together. Have your child smother the outside of the egg with peanut butter (or butter/margarine, if allergies are an issue), then roll in birdseed. Pick the perfect tree to hang the bird feeder, and have fun bird watching with your little one!

10. Sensory Play

Eggs make great scoops for sensory play! If you have a water table, sand box, or sensory station filled with dry rice/beans, add some plastic eggs to the mix. 

So, save those eggs and get creative with your kids!

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Photo Credit: Jennifer McCollum, Kelly Polizzi, Lorna Woods, Chris, Cyndy Sims Parr, Megan.

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