10 Books for Springtime

10 Books For Spring

Spring is a such a fun time to explore the world with a renewed sense of wonder–there are blooming plants, changing colors, and new life is around every corner.  To help your child explore this theme, we’re sharing some books that they are sure to enjoy.  Get ready to explore together, while also developing his or her love of reading, too. We hope you enjoy these titles as much as we do! 

1. Sweet Dreams, Fairy

personalized book by I See Me 

Ages o-8

Watch your little one’s face light up as you read them a book where they are the main character! I See Me books are treasures for your children and the Sweet Dreams, Fairy book is the perfect bedtime story for your own little fairy. These keepsakes are personalized with your child’s name, and they engulf your child into a rhyming story filled with magic and make-believe fun.  

The I See Me company is dedicated to showing the beauty and uniqueness of every child while building their self-confidence.  Personalize their name, skin tone, hair color, favorite color, city, and even add a photo in the dedication to make this book as unique as the child receiving it. In this story, your little girl’s character is a fairy who is getting ready for bed, but each step along the way has an ethereal touch: tending to her flower garden, wading in a shimmering pool, and dancing in a fairy ring. She also meets some of her girl friends (who are also personalized to your little girl’s friends in real life) with whom she shares the experience. Snuggling up together with this book before saying goodnight makes your bedtime routine an extra special occasion.  

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2. Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors

by Lisa McCue

Ages 3-5 

Quiet Bunny is disheartened because he feels he is dull compared to all of the beautiful Spring colors around him.  So, he tries on different colors and is met with endearing trials as he tries to “fit in” with the vibrant reds, greens, and the like. Amazingly illustrated, Lisa McCue’s bright, Springtime book not only teaches colors and introduces animals, but it also helps to recognize beauty in diversity and the importance of being yourself.


 3. Let it Rain

by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Ages 2-5 

Enjoying Spring to its fullest, “Let it Rain” emphasizes the beauties of a Spring day and the fun activities that Spring brings with it. From planting a garden, to swinging, to enjoying a Spring shower, this book is rich with things to talk about and discover in more depth on every page. It is a quintessential book for your young child for Spring!

 4. Baby Loves Spring

by Karen Katz

Ages 1-4

This colorful lift-the-flap book is perfect for children from around 9-24 months (and beyond). It promotes involment in reading and the enjoyment of discovery while introducing the concept of Spring.

5. Bear Wants More

by Karma Wilson

3-7 years

When a bear wakes up from hibernation in the Spring he is bound to be very hungry. Follow the tracks of the forging bear with adorable illustrations and a fun-to-follow rhyme that keeps you and your children engaged from the beginning to the end. “Bear Wants More” is part of The Bear Books series.

6. How to Find Flower Fairies

by Cicely Mary Barker

Ages 5-9

Find the flower fairies together in this exquisite, well-crafted, and beautifully constructed pop-up book. Based on the gorgeous artwork of Cicely Mary Barker, this book will add a magical experience to a springtime search for anyone who reads it.  Great for fueling the imagination, it is even fun just to leaf though both as a child and as an adult. 

7.  Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

by DuBose Heyward 

Ages 4-8

This book is charming. Follow a mother rabbit who has dreamt of auditioning for the role of the Easter Bunny. Beautifully written and with very sweet illustrations, it teaches that kindness triumphs over boastfulness. It is also a fantastic and empowering book particularly for girls because it encourages them to follow their dreams to realization with strength and hope, while keeping a heart of gold.

 8. Pinkalicious Fairy House

by Victoria Kann

Ages 4-8

Join Pinkalicious for an adventure that mixes the whimsical fun of Spring as she and her younger brother build a little house, hoping to entice the fairies into their yard.  Their goal?  So the fairies will sprinkle their magical dust on flowers to make them grow and bloom.  With such adorable illustrations, this level 1 beginning reading book is sure to fill your child’s imagination with beautiful images and help their reading ability with a very enjoyable storyline. 

 9. From Caterpillar to Butterfly

by Deborah Heiligman

Ages 4-8

Watch the stages of metamorphosis of a caterpillar as it grows from day-to-day and encloses itself in a chrysalis.  Learn the entire process of how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Being a Stage 1 Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out book, it has introductions to different science concepts in an up close and easy-to-follow manner. 

10. Ten Tiny Tadpoles

by Debbie Tarbett

Ages 1-5 

Sweet alliterations, rhymes, and ten tadpoles that disappear one-by-one introduces children to elementary numbers and counting down from 10. The friendly animals in this book make it a delight to read and one your child will want to read over and over.  Also learn about unique animals that live in the water such as newts, snails, and shrimp.

For other great books and products for your children be sure to check out our DISCOVER section!

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