10 Reasons to Use Nutrisystem

You have plenty of choices when deciding to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. Not all those choices are actually healthy though, and not all options will work for you. Despite what others may tell you, you do not need to torture yourself to lose weight. Healthier food choices do not require a drastic change in lifestyle where you feel like you spend all your money grocery shopping and all your time cooking. If a change in diet is just too extreme, it isn’t going to work. You will quit before you know it and feel frustrated with a lack of results. Nutrisystem lets you lose weight without stress, torture, or extreme changes. You can continue to live a life you love but you will feel amazing. Still not convinced? Here are 1o reasons to use Nutrisystem.

1. Meal Planning, Prep, and Cooking done for you

One challenge that trips so many people up when trying to take hold of their health through diet is all the meal planning, prepping, and cooking. If your days are already too full and you are used to grabbing take-out on the way home, switching to a strict diet that requires you to pretty much cook everything from scratch is going to make you miserable. Let Nutrisystem do the work for you. All your meals and snacks are prepared in perfect portions for you.

2. Science based portion control and nutrition

There is no guesswork on if you are giving your body the nutrients you need when using Nutrisytem. Their nutrition experts and dietitians make sure you get the nutrients you need through this high protein and high fiber diet of entrees, snacks, and shakes. The carbs are low-glycemic, there are no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors, and there are over 120 preservative free foods. Healthy, lean proteins give you the fuel you need, and fiber will keep you feeling full. Mix in some fresh groceries with your Nutrisystem foods and you will be eating a balanced diet without the guesswork.

3. Health Benefits of Weight Loss

Because you will lose weight using Nutrisystem, you will reap the benefits of that weight loss. Those benefits include better moods, lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, improved sex life, higher self esteem, and more! Don’t miss out on being your best self by choosing a fad diet that won’t work for you. It has been proven that Nutrisystem is healthy, so quit overthinking it and just try it.

4. Real Results

Women and men have been changing their lives for the better through weight loss from Nutrisystem for years. Why not add yourself to their ever growing list of success stories?

5. Delicious Snacks and Meals

The variety of Nutrisystem meals and snacks are part of what makes this system so wonderful. No cabbage soup diet here! You get to eat your favorite foods like waffles, red beans and rice, BBQ chicken, enchiladas, roasted turkey, meatballs, cupcakes, cookies, pretzels, and more. We’re pretty sure you will find your favorite foods among the Nutrisystem choices. However, those foods are different (and better) because you know everything you are eating is portioned perfectly and gives your body all the nutrition it needs.

6. You Will Give Up Fast Food

Break the take-out and drive-thru habit. That junk is making you fat! We are all exhausted at the end of the day and driving through for fast food tacos is so tempting. Instead, you will skip that fattening, unhealthy food knowing you have nutritious yet yummy meals from Nutrisystem waiting for you at home and all you have to do is pop them in the microwave.

7. Eat Desserts and Snacks

Depriving yourself from little treats throughout the day can be hard to do. That’s why snacks and desserts are built into their plans. If you love to have a muffin with your coffee in the morning, why make yourself miserable by skipping that? You don’t have to with Nutrisystem. They just make smart muffins that are high in fiber and low in sugar and fat. The Nutrisystem Ice Cream Sandwich is amazing! Go ahead and calm those cravings, but do it in a smart way with Nutrisystem.

8. Options for everyone

Nutrisystem has different plans, so everyone can get what they need to meet their weight loss goals. With their four week plans, you eat 4-5 times a day and lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week. Your meal plan is delivered straight to you. The Basic Plan starts at less than $10 a day and you get pre-selected foods. The Core Plan (starting around $11 a day) lets you choose from over 100 foods, and you get unlimited support from Nutrisystem’s tools and experts. The best option is the Uniquely Yours Plan that is about $12 a day. You get the biggest selection of foods including unlimited frozen foods plus the unlimited support. This plan is the top rated.

9. Learn and Develop Healthy Habits That Last a Lifetime

Nutrisystem teaches you what kinds of foods work best with your body. You will see what fills you up and what leaves you wanting more. The expert counselors and dietitians available will teach you valuable lessons that you might not learn otherwise. Take advantage of this priceless resource available to you when you use Nutrisystem.

10. You Will Not Be Hungry

Eat all day long with Nutrisystem. That’s right, eat! It is actually healthier to eat smaller meals more frequently, and Nutrisystem’s dietitians know this, so you will be eating every three hours on this plan. You won’t deprive yourself. Your stomach won’t be growling through that late morning meeting at work. Stay full and feel amazing all while losing weight.

With all those incredible reasons to use Nutrisystem, how could you say no? Losing weight all while learning how to eat healthier, enjoying delicious food, and continuing to live a life that you love is possible with this plan. If you’ve struggled to drop those extra pounds in the past, this may be the solution you need. Give Nutrisystem a try and let us know what you think. Are you already a Nutrisystem success story? Tell us about that too!

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