20 Responses When People Attack Nursing in Public

You read about it online and maybe you even see it happen in public: a mom is quietly nursing her babe when a stranger makes a comment to her. Maybe they tell her it’s inappropriate. Maybe they tell her to cover up more or to go someplace more private. Maybe they tell her they don’t want to see it, or they don’t want their kids to see it. Maybe they say nothing at all, but they give a death stare, a shocked face, or a mean mug so much as to make the nursing mom feel uncomfortable.

No matter what, a stranger’s comment or look is hurtful to a nursing mother when she is feeding her baby in public. All parents are doing their best, and whether they choose to breastfeed or bottle feed is up to them. As a society, we are told to respect others even when we disagree with them as long as they are not harming someone or breaking the law. Nursing mothers are doing neither of those things, so people should follow Grandma’s Golden Rule: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Situations in which a stranger comments on your NIP (nursing in public) can be embarrassing and blood boiling. Of course, we all think of the things we should have said after the situation has passed, so in case you ever encounter an anti-NIPer in public here are a few comebacks to shut them down. 

Perfect Responses to an Anti-NIP’er

  1. Legally, I have the right to nurse in any public place that I would otherwise be allowed. (Check your state laws, but this is pretty much across the board). 
  2. If I was sitting on the beach in a bathing suit top would you blink an eye?
  3. Oh, you think she’s too old to nurse? You’d probably find it really awkward to see my husband/partner under here then.
  4. Ignore them.
  5. Yes, I could bottle feed but I prefer that he drinks right from the source. Kind of like mountain spring water. 
  6. No, she won’t take a bottle. Just like you won’t take the hint to leave us alone.
  7. If you don’t want to see it, don’t look. 
  8. By staring at me and thinking this is gross you are sexualizing me. So I’ll just call the cops for sexual harassment charges on you. 
  9. Hand anti-NIPer a blanket. Here, put this over your head while you eat. 
  10. I would see more in your teenage daughter’s bathing suit than you can see with me nursing my child.
  11. What is more distracting? My baby screaming or me nursing him/her in public? Let’s try – you can hold him/her and see how much better it is.
  12. Oh, you’re afraid your young son is seeing too much? How about you take this opportunity to desexualize this act and teach them to respect a woman’s body?
  13. This is a great time to teach your teenage daughter about positive self-image and how not to shame other women.
  14. Stare at them for 5 seconds, and then turn away with no response.
  15. Funny thing happened today – I lost my ability to care what you think.
  16. The bathroom is over there since that’s where you think we are supposed to eat our meals. 
  17. Feel free to take a picture. I was hoping I’d go viral one day. 
  18. Would you like to join him under there? No? Oh, I thought that’s why you were staring.
  19. Offer to pay for their coffee/food. – It seems like you’re having a really bad day since you had the audacity to berate someone like me, so I’d like to do something nice for you.
  20. Thanks for your unsolicited opinion! Let me share something with you: You probably shouldn’t say anything to a nursing mother because she’s a mama bear filled with hormones and a painful let down, and she will go Liam Neeson on your ass if you don’t walk away. 

Most states legally allow breastfeeding in public, so as a nursing mom make sure you know your rights. Do what is best for you and your child – if you don’t feel comfortable NIPing, then don’t. If you like to use a cover, great. If your child rips the cover off every ten seconds, then leave it off. Don’t let uninformed and rude people ruin your experience of nursing. The more moms that stand their ground while they breastfeed their child will help to normalize this act for the sons and daughters of the next generation. Hopefully, by then, no one will be ridiculed and embarrassed like so many women today.

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Want to know more about your rights when it comes to nursing? Check out Know Your Breastfeeding Rights here on Daily Mom!

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