3 Reasons to Keep a Trampoline…Year Round

Think your kids don’t get out enough? It’s probably true! Imagine watching your children develop and explore their talents through tricks and flips you may have thought were only reserved for the professionals. Every one of those “professionals” had to start somewhere.

Got sharing issues among your children? Get a trampoline. Worried your homeschooler isn’t “socializing”? Get a trampoline. Want to help your child with balance and confidence? Get a trampoline. Plus, mom and dad can use it and lead by example, becoming your child’s hero (and giving you a bit of exercise too)!

According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association’s 2012 Sports, Fitness & Recreational Activities Report, an estimated 70 million Americans are inactive, and that number is climbing. About 32% of kids ages 6-17 years old are classified as being inactive (uhmmm, meaning a lot of video game time is being had).

Not all hope is lost. 220 million Americans ARE active. Let’s make sure your household is included in that number by discovering the top 3 reasons a trampoline should be in your back yard.

1. Get Kids Active & Socially Adept

Since kids are literally (and naturally) unable to sit still for very long, instead of visual stimulus from digital devices, develop and use that healthy energy outside on a trampoline. Let their imagination come to life in the air! You want them to get up, explore, grow and use their body.

Video games and smart devices have begun to nullify a child’s natural instinct to explore their environment. Not too long ago, outside play was once a staple in our American culture; it was all we had and it shaped who we are today. Once upon a time, a little, dirty boy (or girl) worm explorer grew up and became a zoologist. A dirt eater is now a biologist exploring the wonders of the human microbe system. The child who got the most scrapes and bumps from all the crazy tricks they tried out on their bikes, skateboards and roller-blades is now the stunt-double actor! Get your kids outside to discover who they are and who they can become.

If you are a trampoline owner or know of one in your neighborhood, you’ve probably had a few invites to either have kids come over and jump, or your little one has frequented your neighbor’s trampoline. Kids of all ages are appropriate (save newborns of course) for the trampoline.

Kids will learn how to be more considerate of their younger counterparts while also respecting the older kids who direct the safety, enjoying the fun of the trampoline, as well as obeying and respecting the rules of the trampoline owner. This is a real-world scenario where children are exposed to people in general; not just their age-group peers. Here they can learn how to interact with everyone, learning about respect and consideration for each other. This is an effective socialization model.

Not just for the outdoors!

When the weather is not ideal for outdoor play, consider an indoor trampoline that one person can use at a time. These are great for putting inside in small places to keep kids entertained and active, plus you can put them in a place where you can easily keep an eye on them as you go about your business at home. The Galt Folding Trampoline works perfectly for small spaces.  

2. A Trampoline Encourages Creativity

Children NEVER cease to amaze the world with their creativity. If you want to see a glimpse of their potential, scroll through a pre-teen’s Facebook feed! Children can develop games, rolls, jumps, partner tricks, learning styles, and so much more on a trampoline. Competitive kids can challenge other children to step out of their comfort zone to do something new and different. This is a real-world experience they can have right in their back yard under your supervision and guidance.

Whether your children do best alone or in groups, it’s a trampoline… the possibilities are endless! Nothing creates a desire for children to branch out and try new things than to see mom or dad right there watching them. Take a few moments and enjoy the “Watch this!” excitement.

  • Somersaults 
  • Flips (front and back)
  • Jumping for height
  • Running fast into jumps and spins
  • Double bounce with friends
  • 360 degree turns in the air
  • Fresh air
  • Weightlessness ambition
  • And so much more!

3. Parents’ Turn – Increase Your Core Strength, Balance & Activity Levels

What more reasons do you need? Yes, it may be awkward at first getting onto a trampoline. However, consider how your little one feels if they have never been on. Try it together and encourage them through example by getting on there yourself. You don’t have to do a complete front and back flip to show them it’s fun and safe; simply start out with:

  • Getting on and staying on for at least 5 minutes.
  • Start by sitting cross legged (or legs out) and bouncing lightly.

It’s unstable and will feel weird, especially if your balance is already shaky. Start by showing your child how to crawl around in various directions, or making shapes (like a snail trail) on the trampoline. This is a very basic first step to get used to the unstable terrain. Proceed from there to standing and simply walk around the surface and do light bouncing that doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘jump’. Try to keep contact with the surface of the trampoline, engaging your core (this naturally happens as you work on  your stability… bonus!). From there, you can start to jump.

TIP: Use this process over several days, repeating any steps you are still uncomfortable with.

Mom and dad, show your child by example. Get up, get on, increase your balance and stability, gain confidence in your strength and your body, and increase your fitness levels right along with your children. Here are some of the benefits you can gain for yourself by simply bouncing on a trampoline:

  • Increases in muscular strength
  • Improved posture, balance and coordination
  • Revitalized vision and mental function
  • Reduces stress levels and gain control over addictions
  • Improvement in the blood, lungs and internal organs
  • Slows down the aging process and relieves pain
  • Eliminates toxins from the body, experience weight loss and gain an overall sense of well-being

Check out Bouncing For Health for more ideas and inspiration for getting active. Who knows, you may soon be shouting out, “Kids, watch this!”

What Kind of Trampoline Should You Buy?

  • Once your children have mastered the Galt model, you’re ready for a beginner trampoline such as the AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure, designed for children under 100 lbs. Even better, it retails for under $100.
  • Ready for something to stand up to multiple kids and ages (and you too, mom and dad)? Consider the Skywalker Trampoline. For under $400, it features a 15′ diameter with increased weather resistance and UV protected material. 
  • Finally, this all-season Skywalker trampoline is a staple for those who know children will be around (and you for sure) for the next several years. It features a galvanized steel frame with extra padding and UV protected material. For approximately $700, you’re set up for many years of jumping ventures, giving you the highest lift for years to come. 

Remember, being active isn’t a season, like a New Year’s season of getting fit; it’s a lifestyle. With that being said, most trampolines will hold up through the winter months. On days it’s above freezing, get out of that closed up home, away from the staleness of the electronics flooding through the air, and go Tramp-It by modeling and leading your children by example. Start with deciding what days and times work best, take 5-10 minutes on those days and get on the trampoline.

“I feel terrible after spending some time with the kids, being outside for a bit, breathing some fresh air and de-stressing on the trampoline.”   – said no one ever

For more fun ideas for active children, check out Gifts For Active Children.

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