3 Yoga Routines to Relax, Reset and Recharge Your Toddler

Toddlers have ridiculous amounts of energy. So. much. energy. These little energy superheroes sometimes use their energy for good– but not always. What’s a parent to do when their toddler is bouncing off the walls, misbehaving, throwing a tantrum or simply whining in that obnoxious-toddler-whine-that-immediately-gets-under-a-parent’s-skin-and-makes-them-want-to-just-acquiesce-to-whatever-it-is-they’re-whining-about?

Toddler yoga.

Channel your child’s negative energy into Downward Dog, Warrior and Plank poses. Make him laugh with Cat/Cows, Jumping Tree and Three Legged Dogs. Calm her down with Mountain pose, Lion’s breath and Child’s pose. Let’s get started!


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What You’ll Need

  • A yoga mat (this is a great-quality, eco-friendly mat)
  • Comfy clothing for your little yogi
  • A head band if your child has longer hair
  • A CD or playlist with fun music

The Routines

Yoga for Tantrum Taming

  • Begin in a cross-legged position, by taking a few deep breaths.
  • Sit up tall like a mighty lion. Take a deep breath in, stick out your tongue, make a fierce face, and ROAR! Repeat.

mary lion DM

  • Roll over your knees and come into a table top, then up to downward dog. Take a deep break in, and kick both feet into the air, like a donkey. Bonus for donkey brays!
  • From downward dog, jump feet in between hands, then slowly roll up to standing. It’s earthquake time! Begin by jumping your feet, shaking your legs, wiggling your middles, then waving hands into the air!

  • Standing still in mountain pose, bring hands together at heart center. Become a volcano: raise your hands over your head, separate your palms and let your arms sweep down like flowing lava.
  • Finish back in seated, letting your toddler breathe slowly. Sit behind him, wrapping your arms in a warm, soothing hug.

Yoga for Building Confidence and Strength

  • Begin by standing tall in mountain pose. Shoulders back, hands at heart, chin up. Breathe.

  • Step your left leg back, bend your right knee slightly, arms out strong, like a warrior. Bend the front knee up and down a few times, finding strength and stability. Repeat on the other side.

  • Coming back to mountain, bring your left leg back, bending the right knee deeply, fingertips on either side of your right foot, coming into a high lunge. Practice balancing with one or both hands off the mat. Repeat on the right side.
  • From mountain, raise both hands up, then down into a forward fold, stretching the backs of your legs.

  • Step back into downward facing dog, lifting heels, bending knees, stretching strong.
  • Lower knees down, bring your bottom to heels, stretching arms long as you bring your head to the mat, finishing in child’s pose. Massage your child’s back gently, letting them breathe and relax.

Yoga for the Sillies

  • Begin in standing, having your giggly kid shake out the sillies, flopping arms and legs like spaghetti noodles.

  • Standing in mountain, bend knees slightly, coming into chair pose. From here, bend elbows with hands out, then begin jumping up and down, like a kangaroo!
  • Back in mountain, stand on one leg, reach the opposite leg out behind you and place the outside of your foot into your hand. Bend your torso forward with your arm out in front for balance, and arch your leg up behind you, coming into flamingo. Repeat on the other side and remember: falling is okay!
  • From mountain, step into downward dog. Bring one leg up to the sky in three-legged dog, barking as you go! Repeat.

  • Bring knees to mat, coming into table top. From here, tuck your chin, arching your back into cat, then dip your back, lifting chin and face upwards into cow. Repeat several rounds of this, meowing and mooing as you go.
  • Lower bottom to heels, sitting up tall, and twist your upper body like an owl. Turn your upper body one way and then the other.
  • From seated, come to rest on your back in savasana. Have your child close their eyes, then clench feet, fists, face, tummy, arms for a few seconds, then release everything, breathing out through their mouth.

Fun and Games

  • These yoga cards are fun for kids to play with. Make a game out of having kids draw cards, then practice the poses. Or, play “Follow the Leader” by having a child pick a few cards, then do the poses with you following along. There are lots of games you can play while practicing yoga!
  • Turn story time into yoga time! Roll out your mats, and read a kids yoga book, letting your kids look at the pictures, follow along with the poses, or lay in savasana while you read.
  • Make screen time active and educational by popping in a kids’ yoga DVD.

By practicing yoga with your kids, you’ll teach them healthy methods for coping with intense feelings, instil them with confidence and capability and do something good for their bodies — all while having fun! So, the next time your 4-year old throws a tantrum, roll out that yoga mat!

For a postpartum yoga routine you can do with your baby, check out Little Yogis: Bond with Your Baby! And check out our official Get Fit 2015 page for all the initiative posts in one place.

Photo credits: Sarah M.

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