Every day is a day to be celebrated, although, if you are looking for a little extra motivation, here are a few days to mark on your calendar.

1. National Make A Blanket Day. February 18, 2017

National Make A Blanket Day began in 1999 after the horrific events that took place at Columbine High School. There was a sudden need for a large number of blankets, and quickly. Project Linus’s many chapters came to the rescue by holding “blanket bees” all over the country and delivering them to Denver.

How can your family celebrate this day?

Check for a local Project Linus chapter in your area and join them for the day or have your own blanket making day with your family right at home.

A great starter blanket for kids, or those of us with limited sewing knowledge, are Fleece Tie Blankets. Get the kids involved by letting them pick out the fleece patterns.  Then work together creating the blanket. Parents can do the cutting and the kids can do the tying.

Go bigger and make it a social gathering with your friends and their kids. The more hands the better. Once your blankets are finished you can donate them through Project Linus or to a local need of your choice.

Learn more, donate, or find pattern options at Project Linus.

2. World Storytelling Day. March 20, 2017

This day originated from a Swedish event held in 1991 that translated into “All Storytellers Day”. Over the years it has spread around the world and eventually became known as World Storytelling Day. By 2009 there were events held in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North and South America. The purpose of this day is to share stories amongst diverse cultures and languages.

How can your family celebrate this day?

Gather your family and dear friends together and share stories. It’s a great opportunity to re-connect, discover something new about your family, and begin passing along family history to your kids.

Go bigger and host an event at your school or local library. Invite people to share their stories of inspiration, culture, or simply share their favorite poem or book.

For a list of events taking place on this day, go here: World Storytelling Day.

3. International Kids’ Yoga Day. April 7, 2017

In 2016, over 140 yoga ambassadors from 21 countries and 47 states led over 25,000 children through a simple 5-minute yoga routine at the same time on the same day. This doesn’t include the countless others following from their homes.

Why? Because just five minutes of yoga a day can boost mental and physical health in our children. This day not only gives children an opportunity to explore yoga but to be part of something bigger than themselves.

How can your family celebrate this day?

Sign up as a participant at Kids’ Yoga Day and receive a free sample yoga routine suitable for kids and adults of all ages to follow along at home.

Have your own little yoga session at home with your kids. Here are a few great kids’ yoga books on the market that you could purchase or borrow from your local library.

4. National Donut Day. June 2, 2017

Celebrating a National Day can be simple, sweet, and fun too! National Donut Day was started in 1938 by The Salvation Army in Chicago to honor their soldiers during World War I.

How can your family celebrate this day?

Check in at your local donut shop. Many offer free donuts on National Donut Day.

Want to take it to the next level? Try your hand at making donuts as a family at home.

Here is a simple donut recipe to try out if you don’t already have one: Donut Recipe.

5. World Letter Writing Day. September 1, 2017

World Letter Writing Day is a day for picking up pen and paper and writing a letter to a loved one, friend, or possibly someone you don’t know. This day grew out of a project called ‘American Legends’ by Richard Simpkin.

How can your family celebrate this day?

Choose someone to write a letter to. Then simply pick up a pen and paper and write the letter. Some ideas may include a grandparent, a friend who moved away, a thank you to someone in your community, or a letter to your favorite author.

Learn more about World Letter Writing Day here: World Letter Writing Day.

These are only a few many national days. What’s your favorite National Day to celebrate and why?

For more fun ways to celebrate with kids, check out 5 Ways to Make St. Patrick’s Day Special for Your Kids.

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  1. Thank you so much for including Kids’ Yoga Day as one your top 5 national holidays to celebrate with kids! What a fun article!
    Everyone is welcome to sign up (it’s free!) at kidsyogaday.com


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