5 Tips for Enjoying America’s Pastime

The hot dogs, cracker jacks and the sound of the roar of the crowd as your team cracks the bat – this is how summer memories are made. Baseball is known as America’s pastime thanks to the years of summer nights spent cheering for your favorite team. With over 80 home games per season, finding tickets is easy and taking the whole family out for a game is a fun way to spend a few hours.

Before you head out for a game, read our list of quick tips to prepare for the evening.

1. Find the best prices

If you have a flexible schedule, waiting to the last minute to buy tickets might help you lock in a great deal. Secondary market ticket prices will drop quickly on the day of the game and there are even apps like GameTime that will help you secure the best prices.

When your schedule is not flexible, work directly with the team box office whenever possible. Your local grocery store may have access to discount tickets as well. Every team offers promotional nights where concessions may be discounted or promotional items are given away. Visit your local team schedule to see what promo nights are available in your area.

For the best value, look for package deals that bundle seats, food and beverages at the ballpark. These well priced options will make sure you have the full ballpark experience at the best price.

2. Plan your bag ahead of time

In addition to all the items you need everyday with your crew, you may want to add additional items to be prepared for any experience at the ballgame. Sunscreen, bug spray, and jackets are essentials that may come in handy no matter the season.

Research what items are and are not allowed in the ballpark. Aerosol sunscreens are often banned from many professional sporting venues. If your ballpark allows food, pack a picnic instead of indulging in the greasy stadium food at the game.

No matter where you are seated, a baseball glove is a must have for your little slugger. If a foul or home run ball comes your way you’ll want to make sure everyone in the group is prepared to grab for it.

3. Research Events for the Kids

Sitting through a 4 hour game might not be realistic for young children and as a result most ballparks do their best to accommodate kids throughout the game. From in-stadium playgrounds to visiting with the team mascot, there may be a whole assortment of activities that will keep your little one focused throughout the game.

Some teams open the gates early to allow children to visit with the players for autographs and watch warm ups. See if this is an option at your ballpark and remember to pack a blank baseball for collecting signatures.

If your ballpark does not have children specific activities, pack along a coloring book or baseball magazine to give your little one something to break up the time during the game.

4. Double Check Restrictions and Requirements

Many stadiums do not require tickets for children under the age of 2. Confirm with your local team before deciding if you want to purchase a ticket for your little one.

If traveling with a stroller, confirm where and how you will store it during the game. Some stadiums have check points where strollers may be left, while others require that it is stored under your seat.

5. Fireworks Night

Check your local game calendar to see which game will feature fireworks after the bases have been cleared. Fireworks nights take place throughout the season (sometimes every Friday night) and are a fun way to create a lasting memory for your family. If you can, determine what side of the field the fireworks will be shot from and sit on that side. Prior to the fireworks display the stadium will move guests in that section to the field to enjoy the show.

Visiting the ballpark is a fun summer activity that the whole family can enjoy. If you need more specific information about your local ballpark, visit MLB.com or browse through BallPark Savvy’s list of family information for each team.

Looking for other family friendly activities for the summer? Check out this post of 50 Summer Bucket List Ideas.

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