50+ FUN Ways to Practice Spelling Words

Spelling words are apart of every child’s curriculum and can be a challenge to study at home. Between tired kids, sports, extracurricular activities, reading logs and other homework, kids can be overworked as it is- but these words are important to study, so what’s a parent to do? When we were kids the common way to practice our new lists was to write them. Over and over and over again. Sure, this may have done the trick but it was B-O-R-I-N-G boring! Did we ever look forward to that? Probably not. These words are no less important to practice now then they were wayyyyy back then, but now -a-days we can come up with more fun and interesting ways to practice them!

The key to spelling test success is practice at home. Most teachers do try an incorporate these words into different lesson or center work, but there are so many other subjects and standards to cover during the day, isolated spelling practice doesn’t always get done. This is why is it so important to find new, exciting and interesting ways to practice your child’s words at home so that they can get the practice they need, without you going fully gray trying to get them to do it! We have complied a list of over 50 different fun ways to practice your child’s list at home- pick and choose during the week and make sure you note which activities are your child’s favorites so you can do those often!

Spelling Best Practices

When practicing spelling words with your child, remember these important tips:

  • Spelling is best learned by repetition, so practice often!
  • Don’t overwhelm your child. If the words are more challenging, break them down into two or three smaller lists and study that way.
  • Help your child remember difficult words by breaking them down by root word, suffix and prefix. If they can remember a smaller part of it, chances are they can remember the whole word. Or if you have a younger child, break the word down into spelling patterns, like two vowels or a double consonant.
  • Teach by word association: like the age old trick of remembering the word “principal” with “the principal is your PAL”. Use a trick to help your child remember them.
  • Keep your materials organized so that you can have what you need easily when you need it!
  • Find out which way your child’s teacher is covering the words in class, you can follow a similar familiar pattern at home.
  • Take a multi-sensory approach when it comes to spelling- we all know that most individuals learn best from a variety of ways: visual (seeing the words), tactile (writing the words), and auditory (sing those words!). Incorporate these into your spelling practice!
  • Variety is not only the spice of life, but the spice of spelling! Use a variety of fun ways to work on your child’s words, so they stay interested and WANT to study- which will be easier on them and you.

Ok, ready to study? Here are over 50 fun ways to learn those new words when they come home from school!

    • Spell your words in the car.
    • Write your words on the bathroom mirror using a dry erase marker, erase them as your child masters them.
    • Write the words with rainbow letters.

      • Write the words on a white board.
      • Use play dough, pipe cleaners, or yarn to make your words (one piece per letter).
      • Use letter stamps.
      • Write the words 3 times each: BIG, medium, and small.
      • Play “roll and spell”: use a dice and each number corresponds to a way to a special way to write the words. There are endless ways to do this, but two fun ways are “Rainbow words” where each number corresponds to a different color (i.e roll a one, write the word in red, roll a two, write the word in orange…and so on) and this way: 1- write the words with your opposite hand, 2- write the word fast, 3- write the word with your eyes closed, 4- write your words the “Fancy Nancy” way, 5- write the word in all caps, 6- write the word with teeny letters.
      • Use letter stamps.
      • Draw a flower with a petal for each letter of the word.

        • Type the words on the computer.
        • Pour sugar, salt or shaving cream on a tray and write the words in that (fun and messy).
        • Use chalk outside to write the words.
        • Use letter tiles or magnet letters.
        • Paint your words.
        • “Hidden Words”-write your words with a white crayon on white paper and then water color paint over them it make the words appear.
        •  Cut and paste letters from magazines to spell your words.
        •  Make ABC rocks and spell your words.
        • Make ABC clothespins and spell your words by clipping them on a “line” or on an index card.

        • Make a free word search using your words.
        • Have mom or dad mix up the letters and the kid has to unscramble them.
        • On paper or a white board, mom or dad writes the word a bunch of times with one ONE being correct, the child has to circle the correct spelling. Write it more times for older kids, less for younger.
        • Use a website like www.spellingcity.com to practice them online.
        • Downloaded an app like “super speller” where you can type the words and practice them different ways at home or on the go.
        • Bounce a ball outside while spelling your words, one bounce per letter.
        • Set a timer and see how many times you can write your words in 3 minutes.
        • Write your words in silly sentences.
        • Make a picture and “hide” your words in the picture.
        • Write your words and circle all the vowels.

        • Put your words in ABC order.
        • Write your words with your finger on your parents back.
        • Take a written practice test. Remember to correct any unnecessary uppercase letters, if that’s an expectation for your child.
        • Write your words in bubble letters and then color them in.
        • Make up a word search with your words.
        • Use scrabble tiles to spell your words.

      • Write your words in a pyramid shape.
      •  “Add your words”: each vowel is worth 5 and consonants are worth 10, write your words and add their value! (Change the values for little ones)
      •  Make up an acrostic poem with your words.
      • Write your words across and down.
      • Write your words like a choo-choo: onerightafteranother.
      • Write a tongue twister for your words.
      • Roll and spell your words aloud! Roll a one- spell in a spooky voice, two- spell in a loud voice, three- a quiet voice, four- a squeaky voice, five- robot voice, six- sing your letters!
      • Make up a cheer for your words.
      • Scratch and sniff: write your words with glue, sprinkle with kool aid and then trace for a yummy smelling way to practice!
      • Write them on an etch a sketch.
      • Play “hangman” with your words.
      • Write a story with all your words, go back and highlight them.
      • Write your words on graph paper and cut them out.
      • Write your words with pieces of pasta.
      • Write your words on a plate of pudding. Yum!
      • In a dark room, “write” your words with a flashlight in the air.
      • Search a magazine or newspaper for your words and circle them when you find them.
      • Spell your words with Legos.

So there you have it! More than 50 fun and unique ways to practice spelling words with your kids. Some take longer than others, so spice it up, depending on how much time you have that evening. By making spelling practice interesting, your child will be more likely to want to sit and learn their words, which will result in happier kids, happier parents and happier teachers! Happy studying!

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