Has your daughter been begging you for a sleepover party? Maybe it’s just one or two friends or maybe she wants an all out slumber party extravaganza, either way you need to be prepared! First thing is be sure she is ready for this kind of event and if you feel like she is, then it’s time to begin the fun part: planning what to do! Just like any birthday party, there are oodles of themes you can choose from for activities for your girls to do, some more simple and some more complex. To get your started, we have rounded up six awesome activities that are sure to keep these girls from complaining about being “bored!”

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Slumber parties can be a blast for children of all ages and quite a lot of work for the grown ups. Once you have chosen the perfect amount of guests, the delicious food and set all the ground rules, now it’s time for the most important part: the activities! The key to success for any child’s party is keeping the kids busy and entertained. So, the next time your daughter is begging to have a sleepover, make it extra special and fun with one of these fun sleepover themes.

“Fancy” Beauty Night

Most girls love dressing up so play into that by hosting a fancy beauty night! Set the stage with bright lights and “fancy” treats. Pull out all of the dress-up clothes and maybe even some of your old dresses and let the girls try them on. Lay out some fun heels or sparkly flats and let them imagine they are heading out to a fancy ball or soiree. And what beauty night is complete without makeup and glitter? Most adult makeups can be too harsh on young skin so be cautious as to what you choose. Pick an all natural brand that focuses on safety and kid-friendly ingredients.

Product Recommendation

Our favorite all natural big girl and Tween makeup line is from Luna Star Naturals. They have a few completely natural, safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic mineral makeups lines that created with a young girls skin in mind. Some the lines we love best are:

Sparkli Natural Play Makeup

This line was designed for a mom who was fed up with having little to no choices of makeup for her daughters to play with and for dance recitals that wasn’t full of petrochemicals or unsafe synthetic ingredients. This line comes in a variety of kits that are sure to fit any girls personality: from Soccer Star, with bright greens, bronzes, and raspberry lip balm; to Ballet Star, with Tutu blue and Pirouette Purple eyeshadow; to Super Star that boasts electric blue eyeshadow, red rocket nail polish and bubble gum lip balm.

Pinki Natural Color n’ Peel Nail Polish

What beauty party is complete without a mani and pedi? This line of 100% natural nail polish is made with a minimalist approach with just water, natural colorant and a non-toxic coating. It’s so natural, in fact, you can just peel it off so there is no need for any stinky nail polish remover! Coming in array of gorgeous and sparkly colors, your girls will be begging you to paint their piggies and fingers everyday!

Pretendi All Natural Face Paint

Perfect for Halloween or just playing dress up, this all natural face paint is made from all natural plant derived wake and oils and is safe for use all over the face. But don’t think just because it’s all natural that the colors would be muted and boring- oh no! These sticks are full of bright and vibrant colors and are just perfect for making believe and for all of those Halloween costumes.

Klee Girls Mineral Makeup

Last but not least is Klee Girls, a 100% natural make up line that is designed for tweens that are “too big” for the princess fairy look and now want a more natural “grown up” style. This line comes with mildly sparkly eye shadows, bright lip shimmers and beautiful blushes. These will not clog pores or irritate their skin and are perfect for playing around and for teaching big girls how to correctly wear make up, when you feel they are ready for that.

All of these lines are set to impress and make any slumber party, dance recital or other special event just perfect- in a nontoxic and natural way.

Glow in the Dark Extravaganza

Yes, you read that right- why not host a glow in the dark themed sleepover party? Any girl would go ga-ga over over having a glow-in-the-dark party. This is actually pretty simple and you really only would need a few things: a black light and some things that glow in the dark! Obvious ideas include neon clothes and accessories and glow sticks and necklaces, but you can also use highlighters too! You can buy some cheap white t-shirts and pillow cases and have the girls decorate them with highlighters and watch them glow in the black light! Tonic water also glows well, so be sure to craft some punch out of it or fill up some mason jars and use them to decorate to add some extra fun to your party. 

“Old School” Sleepover

If you have older girls, they may be “bored” with the kiddie themed parties, so instead, bring back to life some of your childhood favorite slumber party games! Remember playing MASH, Spin the Bottle, Truth or Dare and making Cootie Catchers? Teach your girls how to play some of these games (in a kid friendly way!) and watch the old memories come flooding back to you as new memories are being made for them. Sometimes the more fun parties are the simplest.

Spa Night

What do you get when you combine pampering, facials, pajamas and fun? A sleepover spa night! At this full-service celebration, little girls get treated to facial masks and have their nails done in any shade they choose. Naturally, this deluxe package wouldn’t be complete without delicious treats, cake pops and, of course, loads of laughs. Your partygoers will have a blast creating masks with ingredients that you can find right in your refrigerator and applying them to one another, while Mom or an older sister can play manicurist. This event can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, and no matter how extravagant you wish to go, it will be a night to remember!

Looking for a simple, all natural face mask, perfect for this type of event? Try mixing a quarter of an avocado with a tablespoon of plain yogurt for a creamy, hydrating and fun all-natural mask that the girls will love applying!

“Chopped” Theme

Have a little chef at home? Why not host a mini Chopped-style slumber party! This would be such a fun theme for any girls that love cooking or experimenting in the kitchen. If you’ve never seen the show, contestants are given four mystery ingredients and asked to put together a dish and are judged based on presentation, taste and creativity- and using all of the ingredients of course! So if you have girls over that love to tinker in the kitchen, give them a few “mystery ingredients” and have them come up with dinner or dessert! You could have the girls work together to make one dish or divide them into little groups and make a few dishes. You could use simple ingredients for them (like cheese, bread, broccoli and eggs) or more complex ones (like pizza dough, chicken, eggplant and quinoa). For the most success, it’s best to choose things that are easy to prep and cook and that already kinda go well together. If you are hosting older girls, you can throw one curve ball in there for them, but don’t make it too far fetched or they may not want to eat it when it’s done!

Sleepover in a Box

Sometimes our creative juices are having trouble flowing or we just don’t have the time to plan an epic event. For these occasions, we have the absolutely perfect solution: a Slumber Party Box from PSXO! These parties-in-a-box come complete with EVERYTHING you’d need to throw the best sleepover around, with very minimal effort by you!

What we love about PSXO

    • When we say this is a party-in-a-box, we really mean it! This set comes complete with everything you’d need (minus the food) to throw a fun and festive sleepover party!

    • Each slumber party box comes with beautiful purple, white, silver and navy decorations that include tissue paper tassel garland, 24 colorful paper tassels, a 36” giant balloon that’s ready to inflate, a balloon tassel, felted pom pom garland and three tissue pom poms. In addition you get some party essentials like pretty paper straws, a burlap runner, confetti, paper bags, hanging tags, stamps to decorate your invitations, jute twine and even matching cupcake toppers!

  • What party would be complete without a craft? This box comes with enough materials for 10 girls to decorate their own pillowcases! You get bright neon paint pots, paint pens and even the pillow cases! When the party is over, you even get to hand out an additional party favor that includes a cute reusable zipper bag that has a sleeping mask, hair ties, glitter glue and sparkly nail files. Talk about easy!
  • This box does the creative work for you and will even save you money rather than buying everything separate. They even have sets for Christmas, Hanukkah, and sets that boys would love too.

So the next time the sleepover bug strikes your daughter, be prepared with a fun theme that will keep all of the girls busy and happy from arrival until departure. These six themes are sure to be at the top of any girl’s list of “totally awesome” things to do and will help to elevate you to the ever eluded “cool mom” status.

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