7 Books to Begin the School Year

7 Books to Begin the School Year

The beginning of the school year can be filled with new thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This book list contains a few ideas to help to begin the school year with your child in a positive way. From preparing your child for the new, and sometimes frightening, experience of a first day of school, books are a great way to remember your children’s school years along with them as they grow.

School Memories

1. School Years: A Family Keepsake of School Memories

By: Stephan Britt

Ages: All Ages

This book of keepsakes is a great book for the whole family. It is a great way to remember how your son or daughter progressed each year, their likes and dislikes, favorite subjects, and accomplishments. It also contains a place for each school year photo.




Daniel Tiger School

2. Daniel Tiger Goes to School

By: Becky Friedman

Ages: 3-7

While Daniel is excited for his first day of school, he is also confronted by some of the natural questions and fears that children have on their own first day of school. This book helps young children understand the concept of school in greater depth, and it gives you the opportunity to talk to your child about any possible apprehensions they may have.


Curious George

3. Curious George’s First Day of School

By: H.A.Rey

Ages: 4-8

Another book to help your  child with the transition into a school setting is Curious George.  With his mischievousness and the circumstances he gets himself into, this book is a fun way to commemorate your child’s first day of school.



4. Oh the Places You’ll Go!

By: Dr. Seuss

Ages: 4-8

Dr. Seuss captures the uncertainty, adventure, and challenges of life as ones grows and progresses. While this book is often seen as one for the end of the school year, it has a wonderful quality of looking ahead to the future with confidence and inspiring drive, which is  perfect for the beginning of a new school year.


5. Love You Forever

By: Robert Munsch

Ages: All ages

This book is a popular choice to read to children as they look ahead into their new school year with new experiences. It has an endearing message about growing up tied in with some lighthearted humor children will enjoy. It also speaks of the unending love between parents and children no matter what other changes occur in their lives.


Amelia Bedelia

6. Amelia Bedelia Goes Back to School

By: Herman Parish

Age Range: 4-8 year olds

Sometimes a good laugh can help a child tremendously with any nerves or jitters they may have or simply just build excitement for the first day of school. If you and your children are in pursuit of a good laugh, Amelia Bedelia does not fail to be a great source of ebullient humor. Funny things happen when one takes life a little too literally.

The Berenstain Bears

7. The Berenstain Bears Go to School

By: Stan Berenstain

Ages: 2-6

The Berenstain Bears are known for the way in which they can inspire positive outlooks and this book does not disappoint. If you are trying to get your young children used to the concept of school or daycare, this book may help with the process.


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Alexa reading

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