7 Tips for Breastfeeding on Your Wedding Day

In an ideal world everything would happen in some kind of perfect order: Prince Charming appears, he whisks you off your feet, he asks you to marry him, you have your ideal wedding, you spend a few glorious child-free years enjoying each other’s company and embarking on exciting adventures together and, then, only then, do you decide to start popping out a kid or six. 

But who lives in an ideal world? Very rarely do things happen in that perfect order we had envisioned. You may even find yourself planning on getting married just months after giving birth. Or better still… you could find yourself breastfeeding your little one while wondering how on earth you are ever going to pull off a wedding with a baby attached to your chest! Well we are here to tell you that it can be done. It is possible to be a stunning bride, have the wedding you have always dreamed of and nurse your child- all at the same time! If you or someone you know is planning on getting married while breastfeeding, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

1. Don’t diet! 

Most brides go on crazy crash diets before their big day, but nursing will help you lose weight naturally so there is no need to diet. Fill up on fresh fruits and vegetables and listen to your body, it will tell you just what it needs to continue producing the liquid gold that’s keeping your baby alive.

2. Plan in advance and ask for help

Having a baby is hard work and doesn’t leave you much time to go pee- never mind plan a wedding! So start planning many months ahead! There is so much involved in planning a wedding: the budget, the guest list, the ceremony, the venue, the flowers, the catering, the transport, the dress, the invitations, the photographer, the music, the honeymoon… do you feel stressed out yet? Well just imagine having to organize all that with a baby attached to your hip demanding your full and undivided attention. Unfortunately, little breastfeeding creatures don’t understand the importance of not dribbling all over your hand-crafted wedding invitations or not crying for five minutes so that you can make a phone call to the wedding caterer. You are at a major disadvantage simply because you do not have as much time or energy to focus on wedding planning as you would sans child.

This is why it is so important to allow yourself as wide a margin as possible when it comes to planning. If you can manage to organize the entire wedding while pregnant before the baby is born then that would be ideal. When the baby arrives you will probably have no time to think about the wedding, and you’ll be so grateful for having organized everything beforehand. However, if by the time the baby is born there are still a few things to do, ask as many people as possible for help. Assign tasks to friends and relatives. Basically delegate any tasks that can be delegated in order to take the load off you. Both you and your baby will appreciate it, and you really will need the help!

3. Have your dress custom made

If you have your dress custom made you can achieve a dress that perfectly suits your body shape, hides any extra pounds gained while pregnant and provides your breasts with all the support they may need. If you shop around you may be able to find a tailor or designer that can make you a dress for a reasonable price. You could even ask them to use cheaper fabrics to bring down the overall price of the dress. 

Buy the breastfeeding bra you intend to wear first. This way you can design the dress around the bra so that it perfectly covers the bra. The dress will need straps that you can pull down easily, so it would be better to have two zips (one down each side of the dress under each armpit) as opposed to only one zip down the back of the dress. This way you can unzip your dress easily every time you need to nurse your child.

And most importantly! Tailor the dress to your beautiful body that has just created a life. Do not tailor your body to any dress! 

4. Appoint a nanny

Make sure to ask someone your baby feels comfortable with (like your mom, mother-in-law, etc.) to be on hand on the days leading up to the wedding, as well as the big day itself. This person can follow you around with your baby so your baby is close to you but not attached to your hip at all times. This way your hands will be free to drink that alcohol-free champagne, dance and let your hair down! 

5. Ask the establishment for a private room in which to nurse

Most venues will be able to offer you a private room to which you can escape every time your baby needs to nurse. And your guests will understand. It’s your day- and your rules! 

6. Party hard at the after party!

Ask someone you and your baby know and trust to stay with your baby during the after party. Ideally, they would be in a hotel or house right next to the after-party venue so you would be able to reach them quickly if need be, and you would want to be on-call at all times just in case your baby does wake up wanting to breastfeed or simply wanting mom.

However, with a bit of luck your baby will sleep soundly so you can let your hair down and really enjoy the last few hours of one of the most memorable days of your life. 

7. Go on a child-friendly honeymoon

First up, make sure you have applied for a passport for your baby if traveling abroad. Don’t go anywhere that will be too hot for your baby. Look for hotels that have facilities for babies such as high chairs, cribs, childcare facilities, etc. You should also enquire about the availability of baby food in hotel restaurants.

If you choose an all-inclusive package deal you can simply relax and spend time with your husband and baby, and not have to worry about cooking, cleaning or doing laundry. You can simply dedicate all your time to your family, as well as to drinking mocktails and getting massages!  

Hopefully the above tips will come in useful if you are thinking about getting married shortly after giving birth. Despite having a small child to breastfeed and look after, you can still have the wedding of your dreams. And your little angel can share that special day with you! Even if the timing may not be perfect- perfection can still be achieved on one of the most important and unforgettable days of your life: your wedding day. 

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