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We all know that planning a birthday party can be a lot of work and not only that – it can be very expensive! Some women are naturally the creative, Pinterest-loving, Etsy buying Moms that we envy. But some Moms roll their eyes and laugh at the thought of spending days or weeks on making crafts and booking cutesy characters. If’ planning a big party is not your thing, don’t worry! That is where we come in. We are here to help! Here are 8 great new ways to celebrate birthdays.


An overnight trip

You can spend a small fortune on a child’s birthday party. Why not spend that money on an overnight or weekend trip to somewhere they would enjoy? If they are younger, make it an overnight trip to a place that has a lot of toddler friendly places. If they are older, ask them where they would like to spend their birthday. Have fun ordering room service and being waited on at a hotel! What an amazing way to make memories in a place they have never been!

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A day trip

A day trip is always a fun idea for a celebration. You can either decide to keep it in the family or extend an invitation to your child’s close friends. This can be to an amusement park, museum, zoo/animal farm, beach, or close city with many attractions for younger kids. Go to a place for dinner that will have their favorite foods and sing them happy birthday at the end of a fantastic day.

“All about Me” Day

Spend time doing things that your child loves in an “all about me” day. Cook their favorite breakfast, spend time with their favorite people, go to their favorite place for lunch/dinner, or make them their favorite meal at home. Surprise them on their birthday (or on the weekend before or after) with an invitation to a day all about them. Sure you can take their brothers or sisters with them if they want, but be sure that they are the center of attention for that day!

Gifts for a cause

A new idea that we have seen many doing in lieu of a birthday party for their child is having a party that you bring a gift or donation to a specific charity. Some have themed them “gifts for a cause” and they have definitely caught on across the country. What a wonderful way to pay it forward to someone in need and have a feel-good moment on a special day in the life of your child.

Picnic at a park

You may need to rent a pavilion if you want to have a table full of people but the end result is getting outside to enjoy the fresh air, grilling some hot dogs or hamburgers, and getting to run around to your hearts content. If you don’t have access to a pavilion, then have people bring blankets, pack several coolers with food and drinks and relax in the grass. For little ones, this is the perfect atmosphere to be able to roam free and run around with friends. The adults can have a close eye on them and still be able to chat with each other!

Visiting their birth hospital

Yes it may be a celebration of your child’s birth but so many people helped you on that day. Choose to go back and thank the doctors, nurses, and staff that made that day so special and kept you and your baby safe. Show your child at an early age how important it is to thank the people who have done so much for them. Bring them lunch or some homemade goodies to celebrate this occasion and experience the thankful faces in that hospital. It is something your child won’t forget.

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As your child gets older, offer to host a sleepover party for several of their close friends on a Friday or Saturday night. Make a special dinner and finish the evening with cake and ice cream. Let them stay up a little later than usual as one of your birthday presents to them. You are guaranteed to hear squeals of delight all over the house.

Game Day!

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd! Whatever time of year it is, you can find a ball game to attend with your child. Whether it is spring baseball game or a winter football game, you are bound to have fun cheering on your favorite team. Buy a foam hand, eat concession food, and spend a lively day in the stands of an arena! If you can plan it in advance, let the team know that it is a special event and you may even see your child’s name up on the big screen.

Planning a birthday party can be fun for some, but these ideas can work for those who want a great way to spend a birthday with their child without all the fuss. We hope you found an idea that suits your child! Have a wonderful time celebrating their special day.

8 New Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

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Photo credits: Ashley Sisk Photography, Jessica N., Katherine
Donating Toys Photo adapted from Cheerful Givers (CC by 2.0)
Nurse Thank You Photo adapted from Elena Roussakis (CC by 2.0)
Game Day Photo adapted from Chris Miller (CC by 2.0)


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