A Cure for Postpartum Incontinence

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One in three women experience bladder leakage. Urinary incontinence can happen for a number of reasons. Pregnancy and child birth are the top two reasons why one may experience urinary incontinence. We all expect to pee more than usual when we are pregnant with our baby kicking our bladder, but once you are holding that future soccer star in your arms, you expect the leaking to stop. Sometimes, bladder leakage does not stop after you deliver. Postpartum bladder leakage is common, but it is frustrating, inconvenient and embarrassing. Let’s take a look at this “mommy problem” and explore a way to stop the leaking and cure incontinence for good!

The Problem

Many mamas experience a loss of bladder control after they have a baby. Your whole life gets turned upside down the moment that baby arrives earth-side. At first, you expect stuff “downstairs” to be a little out of whack. Let’s be real here: A lot just happened down there! Things are bound to have shifted around and some healing will need to take place. But what happens when you’re all healed up and still experiencing bladder problems?

You may leak when coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising or just walking around. It may feel like you always have to go even if your bladder isn’t full; that’s called urge incontinence. Postpartum incontinence, whatever form it takes, is caused by the weakening of the muscles during delivery around your bladder and pelvis. During postpartum recovery, your uterus is also shrinking and can push on your bladder. This is why more than one third of moms experience postpartum incontinence.

If so many moms struggle with incontinence, surely there is a way to stop it that is both easy and convenient, right? There is now…

The Cure

Peeing in your pants is not something you should have to live with. You do not need to spend money every week on liners, pads or special panties to hide the problem. You don’t want to start carrying extra clothing around with you in case you have a particularly bad leak. You want to live your life freely! You have your new sweet babe and you are ready to go explore the world together. Nothing should slow you down, especially not bladder leakage or urge incontinence caused by weak pelvic floor muscles. Don’t cover up or hide the problem. Don’t treat it – cure it.

There really is a way to end female incontinence. ApexM is an amazing new device from InControl Medical. It has been proven to work in medical trials to cure incontinence.

It is not a temporary treatment, it is a cure. This is the real deal for leaky mamas! Skip the pills and surgery. Moms do not have time for that! You don’t even need to add another doctor’s appointment to your schedule. If you can commit to 10 minutes, twice a week for 12 weeks, you can live leak-free. ApexM is a device that you can only order via the InControl Medical site. It is not available in stores.

This simple to use, painless treatment has changed the lives of thousands of women; it can change your life, too. Your overactive or leaky bladder does not have to control you anymore. The only diapers you need to change are your baby’s. This device works by stimulating your pelvic floor muscles without having to do Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises all day long. You only need 10 minutes to yourself, twice a week. Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

  • The ApexM is inserted into your vagina and fits in place with the touch of a button.
  • You then determine the amount of stimulation needed to cause your pelvic floor muscle to contract.
  • Once you feel a full muscle contraction, continue stimulating for 5-10 minutes while holding ApexM in place.

That’s it! No more shopping for pads. No more embarrassing leaks. You can quit looking for the nearest bathroom every time you get to a new place. In a recent study, 90% of women showed improvement in daily incontinence episodes. You can regain control of your bladder.

There’s a money back guarantee;  you have nothing to lose except the embarrassment and annoyance of incontinence. Dry panties are possible within 12 weeks, even when exercising or sneezing. This is a postpartum must. Imagine all the adventures you can take with your little one if you aren’t worried about running to the bathroom all the time or having wet panties. Go to the park with confidence. Join a Stroller Strides club or other mommy and baby workout group. Start running again. Jump on a trampoline with your toddler. Belly laugh at your baby without the possibility of leaking in the back of your mind. Don’t let your bladder control you. Take back your body and enjoy your life with your new baby.




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In addition to your ApexM, here are some more postpartum essentials in our Postpartum Survival Kit.

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    It’s so amazing that there are a lot of new devices that can help post-partum moms especially if the problem is the inability of our bodies to function properly. When I was pregnant, incontinence is one of my biggest problems. I had to wear pads all throughout my pregnancy. I thought once my baby is born, I would have my regular “peeing” days back, but boy was I wrong. Since my post-partum incontinence was not that severe, all my doctor advised me to do was to work on my Kegel’s daily every time I can. Good thing that there are inventions like this that can greatly help moms with their incontinence issues.


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    I LOVE the Apex! I actually run a website that has fashionable LBL underwear and exercisers. The Apex is my personal favorite – I found great results after a few weeks of use. I was dead against having to wear any kind of pads (what kind of grown woman still wears pads?!) and needed to do something about it.


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