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Baby’s First Shoes: Pletuko

You little one is standing up and starting to wobble. Suddenly, you realize, “they don’t have any shoes!”  The urgency to purchase shoes for your baby suddenly escalates, but you may find yourself lost in the land of “baby’s first shoes.” 

Luckily, the people at Pletuko know what they are doing, and designed stylish, yet practical shoes meant for walking. Keep reading to learn about all the amazing features these cute shoes have!

Why they rock our socks:

Pletuko shoes are made of 100% genuine leather that is non-toxic. They acknowledge that babies will obviously be putting things in their mouths, and don’t want any icky ingredients coming from the shoe’s materials.

Pletuko’s soft sole shoes are made from premium, non-toxic leather that has passed both, the EN71 test (toxic element test), and AATCC test (dry and wet crocking test), so they are safe.” (Source)

Pletuko shoes feature a soft rubber sole that is slip-resistant, meaning less slip and falls for your precious new walking baby. All Pletuko shoes are hand sewn, and are amazing quality.

 You also can’t help but notice how adorable they are. All the styles are super fun, and your toddler will love wearing the colorful patterns. They all feature a Velcro closure, to keep your baby shoelace tripping free!

They are pediatrician approved, and recommended! 

Pletuko shoes are also very affordable, and stocking up on them in many styles isn’t going to break the bank. On top of that, a portion of every sale is donated to an organization that provides food for starving children in Africa. One pair of shoes will feed a child for a week!

Just For Kicks:

These shoes are quickly becoming a favorite in our household. My daughter will walk up to the shoe basket and pick these shoes out over any other shoes in there.

We love that they do not prevent her from walking comfortably. The thin, soft soles are very natural, and my 16 month old loves running around in these shoes the best.

Go check out the Pletuko website, and fall in love with their fun styles and awesome quality!

Photo Credit: The Memoirs of Megan

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