breastfeedingwiththestars Celebrities sometimes get a bad rap when they take glamorous photos of themselves breastfeeding. Even those celebrities who seem to share photos of themselves nursing in more personal and candid moments sometimes are mocked for being too out of touch, too beautiful, too publicity hungry, or even offensive to “regular women” who also breastfeed. After reflecting on our own nursing journeys, the ups and down, the struggles, and triumphs, we at Daily Mom have decided to pay tribute to these celebrities by making our OWN gallery of photos. Now that we’ve gotten your attention with our own version of a glamorous nursing shot, a tribute to Natalia Vodianova, read on for our more lighthearted take on what we think breastfeeding is really like for most of us.  Daily Mom presents: Breastfeeding with the Stars!

Olivia Wilde

Source: Twitter @OliviaWilde

Many of us have been there–your infant or toddler decides they are hungry just as you sit down to eat. But, once you become a breastfeeding pro, you become quite a multi-tasker (even with toddler acrobatics). Dinner for two, anyone?

 Daily Mom

Kourtney Kardashian


It’s a nice, warm, summer day. Laying out in the sun at a luxurious pool would be the perfect way to relax with your baby. Even just lounging on a towel in the yard next to a kiddie pool should suffice.

Daily Mom


Source: Twitter @ P!nk

This is how we think most women look when taking a break to nurse in their “wardrobe”.  How wonderfully spacious!

Daily Mom

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek infamously breastfed a hungry infant while traveling in Sierra Leone. We applaud Salma, though we think providing breastmilk to another woman’s child most often involves a “date” with our breast pump.

Daily Mom

Gwen Stefani

Source: Instagram: Gwen Stefani

When on the road, you never know when you might need to pull over to stretch your legs, use the bathroom, and yes—breastfeed your baby.  Sure, there are plenty of beautiful roadside views in the U.S., but most often we end up pulling over at truck stops or parking lots.  What a gorgeous view!

Daily Mom

Angelina Jolie

Source: W Magazine

We love this photo of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding one of her twins, Vivienne or Knox.  The lighting, the white nightgown, it’s all so… perfect.  We also think this photo of our writer at home breastfeeding her latest addition, Ariana, is quite lovely and just as intimate.

Daily Mom

Gisele Bündchen

Source: Instagram: Gisele Official

Gisele caught a lot of flack when she posted this photo of herself breastfeeding while her “glam squad” went to work.  We may not have a glam squad of our own, but we take Gisele’s challenge head on by doing triple duty nursing, curling hair, and eating breakfast.

Daily Mom

Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless took this image in support of World Breastfeeding Week in 2002. Though our writer, and now mother to three, looks a bit more comfortable in her imitation, sans heels—even as she does some heavy multi-tasking!

Daily Mom

Alicia Silverstone

Baby-wearing is a great way to keep your hands free and also provides a convenient cover for when you need to nurse out of the house. It’s also great for inside the house when you’ve got a hungry baby and don’t have time to stop and sit down!  Just strap in your baby and get to work!

Daily Mom

Mayim Bialik


Breastfeeding can sometimes be a good excuse for a busy mom to sit down and rest—no matter the location. After a long day at Disney, a ride back on the monorail just might seem like the perfect place to catch a few zzz’s.

Daily Mom

Natalia Vodianova

Source: Instagram: Natasupernova

Lying down to nurse is a common breastfeeding position, whether you want to try to snooze yourself or catch up on your favorite show.  We all know those growth spurts can mean a LOT of nursing!

Daily Mom

We love celebrities that promote breastfeeding through their photos.  These photos help to normalize breastfeeding, showing us that even celebrities, those that sometimes seem untouchable and too far removed from our “regular” lives, share this womanly kinship with us. Celebrities (and models) are real people, even if we do not share the same exact day-to-day reality. We believe that we should be bonded to all women, not just some women, by the experience of breastfeeding. Our middle-of-the-night feedings are just as intimate and special, no matter how many people know who we are. Breastfeeding takes time, patience, and commitment. Sure, celebrities have far more resources than the rest of us. But let’s be honest for a minute—if you had the ability, wouldn’t you hire a nanny to help out, get your own glam squad, or hire a famous photographer to capture beautiful photos of you bonding with your baby? We think so, too.

In honor of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, we’d like to salute all breastfeeding mothers—past and current. We are inspired by all of you.


Read more about our Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign and how you can submit your story!

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