Bringing Books to Life: Dr. Seuss

Bringing Books to Life- Dr Seuss

Most of us grew up reading Dr Seuss, and have passed on that love to our children. They are some of the most wacky, creative and fun books around. How amazing would it be to have even just a piece of that world around us? With just a little bit of imagination and some fun activities, you can bring these Dr Seuss books to life!

Bartholomew and the Oobleck


What You’ll Need:

Combine the water and cornstarch in a large bowl, using a fork to ensure it’s fully mixed. If it seems too runny, add a bit more cornstarch. If it seems too dry, add a bit more water. If you have decided to use the food coloring, make sure you add only enough to tint it the slightest bit. Once it is mixed, allow your kids to play in the oobleck!


For your older children, have everyone make up a hypothesis of what they think the oobleck will do. Once you make it and they have time to play and experiment with it, compare their guesses with their findings. Talk about how the cornstarch is a polymer, or a long chain of atoms. These chains can move past each other but take some time to do it. When you pour it slowly, it will act like a liquid. When you try to move it fast (scooping it up in your hands) it will act more like a solid.

For younger kids, it will just be a lot of fun to play with! They’ll be able to better visualize the oobleck in the story.

The Foot Book


What You’ll Need:

You’ll need to recruit your whole family for this one! Even have your little one select a favorite stuffed animal or doll to participate. Everyone needs to remove their socks and shoes and one by one, trace each foot on separate pieces of construction paper. Once all the feet have been traced, an adult should cut them all out.


This activity is all about differences. In the book, it goes through all the different types of feet. Using your newly cutout construction feet, go through them and have your kids match the footprints to the person. While you’re doing this, talk about other differences between everyone. Example: Celia is short, mommy is tall. Celia has light hair, daddy has dark hair. It is important for kids to understand that there are differences all around us and being different is good! It is what makes us who we are. The feet can be a representation of all the people in the world, with one common denominator- they’re all feet!

Whacky Wednesday


What You’ll Need:

  • Your Imagination!

As you read through the book, point out all the “whacky” things you see on the pages. Talk about why they are “whacky”. Once you finish reading the book, go around the house and take turns creating “whacky” scenarios. Just at the book starts out, hang a shoe on a nail on the wall, turn your photos upside down, put the pillows at the foot of the bed instead of the head. You can make a whole day of it, finding ways to make anything “whacky”. Brush your teeth with a hairbrush and brush your hair with a toothbrush, put socks on your hands and gloves/mittens on your feet. Anything you can imagine, make it silly!


This activity allows kids to really think outside the box. It not only allows them to be super silly, but it also encourages them to think of opposites. Not every whacky thing needs to be an opposite, but some will be. They’ll have a blast going around trying to come up with ways to have a Whacky Wednesday.

When it comes to reading, the possibilities are endless! While these are just some examples of the activities that can be done with these books, encourage your kids to use their imagination and come up with an activity of your very own.

For some great activities to do with your toddlers, check out this Bringing Books to Life post focusing on ABC’s.

Photo credits: Ashley Sisk Photography, Oobleck by Andrew Curran (CC), CeceLynn Design

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