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Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas For Your Toddler

It seems like so much on the market today that is intended to go inside of Easter baskets is centered around one common item: candy. If feeding your toddler jelly beans doesn’t put a spring in your Easter Bunny’s step, read on for some fun and creative candy-free ideas that your toddler will be sure to love.


Fisher Price Little People Easter Collection:

  • For every season or holiday, Fisher Price comes out with a new line of Little People toys ranging from houses, to trains, to gift sets like the one pictured above. However, many times they can only be found on their website, so check it out early, and have it shipped to you.



Fisher Price Little People Flap Book:

  • If you have never seen one of these Little People books, you are in for a treat. The colors are so vibrant, and your toddler will adore lifting up all the different flaps in this book. The flaps and pages are also made from a thicker card-stock  so they will not rip in the hands of an eager toddler.



Beatrix Potter Board Books:

  • This classic children’s book author writes about two popular rabbits: Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit. The added bonus of these books is that they are not Easter specific, and can be enjoyed year round. She has many more animal tales to follow down the road, if your child loves her books.



Musical Egg Shakers:

  • Have some percussion fun with these egg shakers! The sound they make is fun for toddlers, and it’s never too early to start teaching them rhythms and beats.


Personalized Stuffed Animal:

  • These adorable teddy bears dressed as bunnies are hug-able, and a great keepsake for your toddler to remember their Easter. These Bunny Bears are from Personal Creations, and they have many different stuffed animal items available, and offer free personalizing on everything.

Now hop to it, and spring into action! What are your favorite Easter basket items? Tell us in the comment section.

For a fun Easter Craft idea, check out this post.

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