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In honor of National Volunteer Month, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to give back to the community, both during the month of April and beyond. Contributing to your community goes beyond hours upon hours of community service, and it’s possible to make a difference in just fifteen minutes or less! You might be surprised how easy it is for you to get involved without adding another item to your busy to do list.

Donate A Prom Dress

Attending prom is a right of passage, but when you add up the cost of tickets, a trip to the salon, and a new dress, it might be too expensive for some families. With the hope of giving every girl her own Cinderella experience, dozens of local groups have popped up to provide stylish and high quality prom attire for families who may not be able to afford a trip to the mall.

Instead of leaving old formal wear and bridesmaid dresses to collect dust in your closet, donate them to a worthy cause and help a young girl have the night of her dreams!

Where to donate your dresses

Shop for a Good Cause

Ninety percent of consumers are willing to switch brands to purchase from companies that support a good cause. Thanks to socially conscious companies like TOMS and Warby Parker, it’s now easy to buy things you need (or want) while at the same time giving back to the community.

From education to launching small businesses to women’s education, it’s easy to find a product you need from a company that shares your hope for a better tomorrow.

Socially Conscious Companies

Free the Girls

You can do good AND spring clean at the same time. Open your dresser right now and pull out the bra that fit great at the store but after a single wash lost the perfect shape you thought it originally had. Now, take that bra (and the four others just like it) to a local Free the Girls drop off location.

If there is not a location near you, you can mail in your donation or start a drive in your community.

Free the Girls accepts donations of new or gently used bras and trains survivors of human trafficking to open businesses selling bras in local second-hand marketplaces. Free the Girls accepts bras of all shapes and sizes, including sports bras and nursing bras.

Learn more about Free the Girls.

Play a Game

Stuck at the DMV? Instead of flipping through Facebook, answer a few trivia questions on a game that donates to charity instead. Since launching in 2007, FreeRice has donated over 96 BILLION grains of rice to help combat world hunger.

Each correctly answered question earns 10 grains of rice, paid for by one of the FreeRice sponsors. Thanks to the success of FreeRice, similar websites have launched to support planting trees and feeding animals.

Take a Selfie

Your phone is full of photos but did you know that every photo you take could be a force for change in the world?


Built as an app for your iPhone or android device, Fotition invites users to create overlays on photos displaying the charity of their choice. For every photo uploaded, Fotition makes a donation to the charity you chose to support.

Donate a Photo

Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, each photo uploaded translates to a $1 donation to the charity of your choice. Images are then displayed in an online gallery where you can share with family and friends what you chose to support.

Hit the Gym

Get in your workout and do a good deed at the same time. Another app for your phone, CharityMiles, allows you to track your fitness activities and earn donations for your favorite charities from sponsors like Humana, Johnson & Johnson, and Chobani. So far, CharityMiles has raised over $2M and will pay out an additional $500k at the end of May.

Download the App

Google PlayApple Store

Contributing to the community can be easy, and starting small will help you build habits that can grow into larger volunteer commitments and community involvement. What are some of the small ways you like to give back throughout the year?

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