Date Your Daughter: 10 Ideas for Quality Time With Your Girl

Although we spend every day with our children, one-on-one personal moments are hard to come by given our busy schedules. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s as important to dedicate quality time with each of our children individually as it is to have date nights with our spouses. Not only does it make your child feel special, it gives the two of you a chance to get to know each other in a different light. 

Spending quality time with your daughter allows her to see you outside of a typical day. She gets to know you as a person, not just a “mom”, “driver”, “chef”, and “dishwasher”. Take this opportunity to showcase your personality: maybe drive by the house you lived in while growing up, or your old school. Listen to music that you used to love when you were her age. Let your hair down and loosen up. This is a girl’s day, after all!

While you’re alone, take the time to have meaningful conversations; discuss her dreams and her insecurities, being sure to keep the talk about her, while also talking about your own experiences at her age to help guide and uplift her.

A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.  – Author Unknown

Here are some ideas for making your Mother/Daughter date nights both fun and thoughtful.

1. Tea Party for Two

We’re talking spring dresses and fancy hats, preferably in the setting of an old Victorian house or formal restaurant. Tea time is the perfect time to teach her manners and etiquette. 

2. Horse Whisperer

Find a local place to go horseback riding. A peaceful ride is the perfect time to have nice conversations. Ask your daughter what she’d name her horse if she had one. Be sure to visit the barn and see if you can brush and feed a horse. 

3. Ice, Ice Baby

Go ice skating. Hold hands. Show her that difficult activities don’t always come easy, yet can still be fun. Head out for some hot cocoa to wrap up the fun. 

4. Say “Cheese!”

Hire a professional photographer to take mother/daughter portraits. Let her pick out her own outfit (and if you’re brave, let her pick out yours too). It’ll be a keepsake that you’ll surely treasure for a lifetime. 

5. Get Pampered

Schedule a mother/daughter trip to the hair salon for duo haircuts followed by manis and pedis. You’ll both feel lovely and refreshed. Chat about what makes you each feel beautiful, inside and out. 

6. Picnic at the Park

With your daughter’s help, pack a picnic and blanket and head to the park. While you’re there, have a bird scavenger hunt, trying to spot as many different types of birds as you can. Play the cloud game, seeing if you can spot creatures in the sky. 

7. Roll Out the Red Carpet

Have a mother/daughter Oscars night. Wear your most fancy attire: sequins, strappy sandals, and feather boas. Help your daughter style a lavish updo and apply a little makeup. As you head to the movies, have your husband act as the paparazzi, snapping pictures as you walk to the car. 

8. Channel Your Inner Emeril

Take a Mother and Child cooking class. Before you go, inquire to make sure that it’s a fully hands-on experience so that you and your daughter can make your own creations. An added bonus: children typically are more willing to try new foods when they take part in making it, so attempt to make something a tad out of the box. 

9. Be a Good Samaritan

Roll up your sleeves and volunteer. Find a common interest and head out to serve in your community. Perhaps you both love nature: check with a local farmer and see if you can help out around the farm, or find a community vegetable garden and help plant some food. Maybe she has some toys she has outgrown and would like to donate in person to a children’s hospital, or you can sign up to participate in a charity walk and collect money to donate. Doing good things for others not only takes the focus off spending money, it swells your heart seeing your daughter show kindness to others. 

10. Knock Down Some Pins

Show your competitive side and take your daughter bowling. Most bowling places have ramps and gutter guards to make it easier for children. 

Whatever it is that you decide to do for Mother/Daughter date night, be sure to have fun. Laugh, hold hands, and talk. Nurture your relationship in a way that seems impossible amidst your daily commotion of school, home and activities. As mothers, we all know that time is fleeting, so spend it wisely by making quality time a priority.

Time is sacred, yet our calendars fill up fast. Make a standing monthly date with your daughter so that this special occasion doesn’t get forgotten.

For more ways to “date your daughter”, check out The Importance of One-on-One Time With Your Child. 

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