Date Your Son: 10 Ideas for One-on-One Time

There is no denying the bond between a mother and her son, and although they can’t stay babies forever, they can continue to be our buddies. One way to nurture your relationship is to set aside one-on-one time to do something fun together outside of the home. It’s a chance to get to know one another beyond the boundaries of our daily routines; an opportunity to laugh, talk, play and teach. 

Here are ten date ideas that any Mother/Son duo would love.

Mother/Son dates need not be complicated or expensive. They can be as calm or as adventurous as your mood strikes. Simply spending quality time together is what’s important. Having a set date for when and how often you’ll take your son out is helpful so it doesn’t get lost in everyday schedules. Want to make monthly plans? Perhaps you could go by his birthdate number, so if his birthday is September 13, you’ll have a standing date on the 13th of every month. That way you both look forward to that date each month and know not to make other plans.

There has never been, nor will there ever be, anything quite so special as the love between a mother and a son.  – Author Unknown

During your dates, take the opportunity to teach your son the virtue of chivalry, manners and etiquette. How to carry on an interesting conversation is an art that can be learned through practice as well, and who better to have a fulfilling chat with than your son? 

1. Catch a Train

Head to the nearest train station and choose a destination within an hour or two away. While on the train, play card games, I Spy, enjoy the passing scenery or simply talk. Once you arrive at your destination, take advantage of whatever the town has to offer within walking distance from the train station. Have lunch, stop for ice cream, visit a museum or window shop. 

2. Go Fish

Who says dads get to have all the fun? Be sure to stop at a bait shop and get real worms. Show your son that girls don’t mind getting their hands slimy and dirty all in the name of fun. Pack a picnic (and some hand sanitizer!) and enjoy a nice day by the pond or lake with your boy. 

3. Farm Fresh

Go to your local farmers market. Have your son pick out whatever kinds of fruits and vegetables he likes. Head home and teach him how to cook a meal with the ingredients.  

4. Mini Golf

Show your competitive side while teaching good sportsmanship. Mini golf is also the perfect pastime to enjoy while having a conversation.  

5. May I Have This Dance?

Put on your favorite dress and have your son wear his handsome attire then take him for a ballroom dance class. It’s an excellent excuse to teach him some gentlemanly behavior – and some smooth moves! 

6. Check Your Bucket List

Always wanted to go zip lining? Share this experience, or any other bucket list items, with your son. Show him your adventurous side. 

7. Road Trip

Pack all the necessities for the perfect sand castle. If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance of a beach, hop in the car for a day trip for the sole purpose of building a sand castle. If the beach is out of reach, find a local playground with a sand area, a beach volleyball court or a lake with a beach. Bring out your inner builder and get creative. 

8. Do Some Good

Date night is an awesome time to do something that’s helpful in the community. Let your son choose. Does he have a love of animals? Perhaps he’d like to spend some time volunteering at the local animal shelter. Does he like firetrucks? Stop by the fire station in your area and help wash the trucks. Does he enjoy baking? Make some cookies and deliver them to nursing homes. You’ll both feel great knowing that you’ve worked as a team to make a difference.

9. Start Your Engines

Challenge your son to a race and head to a go-kart track. Show him that his mom is worthy of Nascar status. Up the odds: the winner is treated to dessert. 

10. Batter, Batter

Attend a sporting event together. Whether it’s pro or college, baseball or hockey, grab some popcorn and a hot dog and enjoy the game and the time spent together.

Whatever you decide to do while out with your son, be sure to show him you. Listen to your favorite music. Ask him what his favorite songs are. Drive through nice neighborhoods and pick out your favorite houses. Ask him what his dream house would look like and why. Smile. Laugh. Enjoy this time together.

Do you have designated Mother/Son date nights? What are your favorite activities to enjoy together?
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