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It’s 5 o’clock and maybe you are walking in the door from a long day at work or maybe you are winding down from a long day of errands and play dates. One thing is for certain, come this time of day it is time to start what seems like the marathon of preparing dinner, feeding dinner, bath time and bedtime. Needless to say, dinnertime can be a tough time of day, especially with kids afoot. Keeping your little ones from hanging on your leg while you are prepping dinner is nothing shy of a miracle. Not to worry! With a few clever tips and tricks and a lot of help from our friends over at Little Partners it is possible to get a healthy meal prepared and on the table, sans child hanging on your leg.

Preparing a healthy, fresh and delicious dinner is a top priority for many families. Unfortunately, sometimes the act of preparing the meal can be a bit cumbersome when you have children. That doesn’t mean that healthy eating needs to fall to the wayside. However, it does mean that you may need a little bit of creativity in order to make it through the prepping process and onto sitting down together at the table. Dinnertime often seems to feel like the bewitching hour for children. We are sure you know quite well the fussiness, the “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy” and the incessant asking for snacks that tend to happen right around the time you whip out the cutting board to chop some fresh vegetables. The little ones in your life suddenly seem to need their parents’ attention more than they have all day. Rather then turn to a time-saving, less healthy option for dinner, consider some pre-planned activities for your little ones by letting them get up your level and helping with the dinner process.

Getting Your Children Involved

Involving your children in the cooking process is so much more than just occupying them for a short period of time. The kitchen is a fascinating place for young children. From the steam rising off the pots and pans to the countless amount of mixing utensils and colorful vegetables, there is no shortage of stuff for kids to watch or help with in the kitchen. Involving children in the kitchen is something that you can begin at a young age, before they can even reach the counter. The best part is that this is a great way to get them off of your leg and get them occupied while you are getting dinner on the table.

The Littlest of Kitchen Helpers: Even the youngest of kids can help in the kitchen. Once they are sturdy on their feet you can use the Little Partners Learning Tower to reach counter level. They may not be able to help with the actual process of preparing dishes but it is still a great time to get them involved. At around 18 months children begin really discovering their creative abilities. This is also a great age for mimicking what their parents are doing. That makes it the perfect age to get them involved. Once they are up at your level you can give them spoons, pots and other safe utensils to mix up pretend food or even just to bang around. They will enjoy a fun activity and they will also enjoy the time up at their parent’s level.

Preschoolers: This age group will love to watch and help with the process of putting together meals. From mixing to pouring they can be kept occupied and involved. At this age children can be given more independence in the kitchen and parents can focus on acknowledging their individual achievements. They can help wash dishes (a kid favorite!) and prepare some food. At snack time this is a great age to let them slice their own banana (with a kid safe knife of course), spread peanut butter or jelly and wash their own fruit.

School-age Children: Kids can learn some cooking basics while using their math skills as they help combine ingredients for recipes. This is a great time to talk about good nutrition and habits while talking about the ingredients you’re using. This will lay the groundwork for healthy eating later on.

Cooking Involvement and Encouraging Healthier Eating

Do you feel that you are struggling to get your child to eat healthy? Maybe they are struggling to eat fruits and vegetables. Encouraging healthier eating could be easier than you think. It has been proven that kids who help and are involved in the cooking process and are more educated on healthy foods are more likely to make healthier choices when it comes to eating. In a study conducted by the University of Alberta that was published in the Journal of Public Health Nutrition proved that kids who help cook not only eat healthier but have a 10% higher vegetable preference than their counterparts. These children also demonstrated more confidence in their ability to make healthier food choices.

Have A Child who is picky about fruits and vegetables? Consider allowing your child to use their sense of touch to experience fruits and vegetables you are cooking or baking with. Talk to them about what they are, what benefits they have, even why super heroes or princesses need to eat them. They may not yet be ready to try them but increasing their familiarity will increase the chances they may give it a shot next time.

The Little Partners Learning Tower


The Little Partners Learning Tower is an essential and helpful tool for getting your children involved in the cooking process. It allows smaller children to reach the counter and become involved in meal prep, teaching them useful skills and developing early interests in food and healthy eating. The Learning Tower aides in being the dinner prep entertainment. Kids love to do it themselves and they also love to mirror Mommy and Daddy, and this stool gets them up to your level and allows them to do both. Having them on your level will make them feel like a part of the process.

Features & Benefits of The Learning Tower:

  • Only step stool on the market carefully designed to meet the specific needs of young toddlers 18 months+.
  • Constructed from the highest-quality layered birch.
  • Platform height adjusts quickly and easily to grow with your child from 18 months up to 6 years.
  • There are four-sided railings to provide support while your child climbs in and prevents falling while inside the Tower.
  • Its wide platform allows your child move about without slipping off a step.
  • Fits flush against counters for safe access.
  • Carefully finished with durable, non-toxic, lead-free finish.
  • Meets safety standards for ASTM (F96-30) and Home Playground Equipment (F11-48-98C).
  • Cleans easily with a damp cloth making it perfect for the messes that come with dinner preparation

The Little Partners Learning Tower provides safety and versatility that you won’t find in any other learning stools on the market today. It is top rated in its category and is crafted with solid wood construction that makes for quality construction that will last through multiple children and many years. This stool gets kids up and in on the action-making it easier to get dinner prepped ready and on the table. It helps parents to bond with their children while teaching them the responsibility that comes with cooking and cleaning up.

Additional Great Uses for The Kitchen Stool


Kids don’t always like to do the same thing everyday. When you need to mix it up a little bit, Little Partners Learning Tower has still got you covered. They offer a great, reversible easel/chalkboard that can keep kids drawing and getting creative while you are fixing meals. They also have great playhouse kits such as a Lemonade/Ice Cream Stand and a Popcorn Stand/Puppet Show Kit. These make for great pretend play and allow kids to exercise their creativity.

Getting kids in on the fun will make the dinner prep process easier and give you quality time with your kids. Little Partners is an essential part of making dinner prep a fun and involved learning experience for kids. No pulling on parents’ legs required!

Ready to get cooking?
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