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Easy DIY Baby Photo Setup


Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

Professional photos of your little ones are wonderful and beautiful. They are also expensive depending on your budget, and not something that you would pay to have done as often as you might like to document your baby’s growth! Instead, to capture your little one on a more frequent basis, try this formula for an easy and professional looking photo setup. It gives you creative freedom while still being inexpensive and quick to pull together with a baby waiting not-so-patiently in the wings.

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

Large Foam Core  Poster Board

This can be found in most big-box stores in the craft or school supply section, at craft stores and also in art supply stores. You will be using this board to drape fabric over for your backdrop so make sure it is large.

Blankets or Fabric

You can grab a different backdrop for each photo shoot that you set up. Use receiving blankets that have a fun pattern, a quilt, large swaddle blankets, or pick up a half a yard of some inexpensive fabrics at the craft store.

Textured Rug or Blanket

Choose something in a solid color to spread on the ground for your baby to lay on. A fuzzy rug or blanket works great. You can even use a solid piece of fleece or other fabric that is cut small enough to be easy for you to work with.

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

Putting It All Together

  • Make sure your room has plenty of light. Open your curtains!
  • Drape your blankets or fabric over the poster board and lean it against a wall.
  • Lay your rug down in front of the posterboard.
  • Lay baby on the rug
  • Get down on the floor at the level of your baby so you’re looking straight at her.
  • Photograph baby close enough to crop out any areas where the blanket or poster board end, so all you see is baby and pattern/color!

All Photos Credit: Lilac Saloon

The final result is a professional looking shot that focuses on the beauty of your baby! Candid shots around the house are wonderful, but this gives you great material for picture frames, holiday cards, and gifts for Grandma and Grandpa! Have fun with choosing different types of backdrops that coordinate with your baby’s outfit! Set it up while baby is napping, then lay her down on the rug when she wakes up and photograph away!

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Megan V.

Megan is a fashion industry drop-out turned stay-at-home-mom to a baby girl named Luna. Her days are filled with creative endeavors such as embroidery, calligraphy and photography in between changing diapers and nursing sessions. She has a passion for all things handmade, eco-friendly, unique and modern. You can peek more into her life and projects at her blog, Lilac Saloon, and follow her on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram!

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