Eliminate The “You’re Not Good Enough” Inner Chatter

It’s the “consciousness” that you wish would dissipate every single time a negative thought came to fruition. The inner chatter that says, you’re not good enough, who are you to do or say something that isn’t worthwhile, you’re too ugly to be loved wholly, you don’t deserve a break because you don’t work hard enough, you’re too fat, you’re too skinny, your skin isn’t perfect… AWWHHHHH, SHUT UP!!! The ever-constant inner chatter, such a familiar voice, you begin to believe and live your life according to its seductive, yet debilitating suggestions. Your everyday decisions are based upon this perceived reality of the inner chatter and you don’t even realize it, but you can get rid of it.

Inner chatter or the mental noise as some may refer to it as: the constant chatter, conversation, or inner monologue of the mind that ceases to be quiet. It’s a natural part of you, an inseparable constant companion whether you want it there or not. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, when this chatter, this noise, disrupts your sleeping patterns, analyzes your every move, constantly throughout the day and not in a positive manner – it’s a hinderance, not a companion. A companion of constant thoughts consisting of worry, frustration, doubt, anxiety, stress, worry, and anger is not the ideal “noise” to hear every single day from the moment you wake up in the morning.

How do you know if you have this mental chatter? Check to see if any of these situations apply to you:

  • A replay of thoughts playing the same tune over and over again.
  • Mentally reliving past fears or emotions or negative thoughts over and over again.
  • Fear of the future from dwelling on the past and not really finding joy in the present.
  • Constantly analyzing yours and other people’s situations, reactions, and behavior.
  • Never being “here”. Always thinking about other situations or time (past or present) instead of enjoying the present moment you are in. You find yourself “gone”, not realizing you missed the moment you were just in – thus creating more “playback” of the now past.

This type of mental chatter is mentally exhausting and can lead you to feeling lazy and unproductive. You might even find yourself wondering why you miss what seems like easy opportunities to move ahead in life. Your mind is such a powerful tool, but allowed to wander unchecked day in and day out, you’ll be missing out on the best part of what your mind can actually do for you. Instill peace, harmony, and an outlook where your future is abundantly fulfilled. By knowing how to still your mind (controlling it), you’ll be able to solve problems more easily in the moment and really think when you need to.

Master your mind by switching it off, gain an inner peace, and overall, improve your life and your self-reflective outlook on life. This practice isn’t anything new, as a matter of fact, it’s a practice used by spiritual leaders through tradition and teachings. Shutting down the mental noise means inner peace. This results in saving a lot of mental energy and time wasted on thinking on matters that do not add anything to your life.

Now, let’s explore some options to redirect your inner chatter. It’s virtually impossible to eliminate it if you have a conscious mind, so how about taming, controlling, and dictating your inner chatter to work for you, rather than against your best efforts you are putting forth in life?

First, most people would think that meditation is one key area to “quieting the mind” and putting yourself at ease and rest. Yet, many individuals say that meditation doesn’t “work” for them. This is what meditation is: a cessation of the thought process. It describes a state of consciousness, when the mind is free of scattered thoughts and various patterns, according to health and yoga.

So, how do you meditate if it seems virtually impossible to cease all your thoughts if they are constantly replaying themselves over and over again? This is why most people feel as though meditation doesn’t “work” for them. They cannot seem to stop the flow of thoughts and “clear” their mind – and thus feel like a failure (add another barrage of thoughts to your replay list) at meditation.

Meditation is a practiced art. It does not come easily for some people, especially in our American society where the average attention span is eight seconds, according to Time Health.

However, all is not lost. There are some simple practices you can do to ‘quiet’ the chatter and enhance your mood, focus, and mental positivity. Here are three suggestions:

  1. Primodial Sound Meditation: the healing practice to invoke an inner calm and deep relaxation. What you’ll love about this practice is that it’s not about forcing your mind to be still, quiet, and thoughtless. It’s about revealing the silence that is already present and incorporating it into your routine. You’ll use a mantra, a specific sound or vibration — which when repeated silently — assists you to enter into a deeper level of awareness. This silent repetitive mantra helps you slip into that quiet space between your endless waves of chatter. Your mind finally seems to release the noisy chit-chat of negativity and is exposed to your personal mantra (use positivity and non-negative words), the real you – intentional awareness. (Try words like: love, your spouse, a child’s name, joy, etc.)
  2. Mindfulness-Based Stress Meditation: This technique is usually taught by health care professionals, but the premise is to focus on your breath while doing a mental body ‘scan’ – starting with your toes and breathing awareness through to the top of your head, being mindful of the ‘tense’ areas. If you happen to have fleeting thoughts while breathing and focusing on your body, be kind to yourself to release them without judgment, then return to your breath and body scan.
  3. Brainwave Entrainment: An auditory method that induces a deep, deep level of relaxation by using tiny audio pulses to influence your brain wave patterns in a safe and extremely effective manner. It’s an easy way to guide you into a deep state, while you remain awake.

Depending on your schedule, lifestyle, and priorities, seek out a method that is inline with your needs and time. Some meditative practices take as little as 12 minutes, while some can lead to a few hours of chatter-less bliss.

Consider what’s best for you to propel you forward in life without any negative mental chatter, so you can quiet any non-productive thought patterns, and bring out the best of you. Remember, the familiar stagnant redundancy of your inner voice-chatter is literally… only in your head.

Now that you can calm the chatty-Cathys of your mind, it’s time to get Naturally Inspired To Care For Yourself.

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