4 Ways to Bond with Baby Before Birth

As a mother or mother-to-be you may find yourself paying a lot of attention to your belly. And rightfully so! You’re growing a beautiful miracle. And like most of us, you’re counting down the days until you get to meet your precious baby. Luckily you can bond with your baby before he or she is born. Let’s explore a few ways to bond with your baby before birth.

Gentle Yoga or Meditation

Pop in a prenatal yoga DVD or practice some your your favorite stretches. A great way to begin yoga or meditation is to find a comfortable seated position on the floor or on a fitness ball and take a few deep breaths. Be present in the exact moment you are in. Try not to think about anything else. As you gently move into different positions or change your breathing patterns be mindful of the great things you are doing for your baby. You are bonding with your baby on a much deeper level than you can ever imagine.

Listening to Music

Turn up the tunes and jam out to your favorite songs. What you listen to during pregnancy can be very comforting to the baby even beyond its life in-utero. Some songs may even have lyrics that resonate with you and help identify some feelings you have about your baby. Don’t be afraid to listen to all styles of music and see how your baby reacts to different songs. Music is good for the soul: mommy’s and baby’s.

Talking and Reading to Baby

Talking or reading to your baby is a great way to involve fathers in the bonding experience. Your baby can begin to hear your voice at 16 weeks and can begin to recognize the mother’s voice at 28 weeks. Grab a new or book or continue reading your current book, it doesn’t matter the content of the book just make sure you read it aloud. Involve your baby by resting your hand on your belly while you read.

Being in Tune with your Belly

This goes without saying, but be in tune with your belly. Pay attention to all the little kicks and twinges because you will miss them so dearly when your baby is born. Spend 10 minutes everyday touching and admiring your growing baby. Carrying a baby is one of the most amazing life experiences, enjoy every moment!

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Photo Credit: Janin S.; Couple reading to baby, Ashley Sisk Photography

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