If you’re expecting, you probably have a million questions floating around in your mind from the changes going on in your body, to what you can and can’t eat, to some of the not-so-glamorous side effects. Sure, you can read the books and comb the internet for hours, but what if instead you could kick your feet up and watch an entertaining movie while learning tons of valuable information about the journey to motherhood? Today, we’re excited to introduce you to the just released, must-see documentary, 40 Weeks.

A Movie Unlike Any Other

When Christopher Henze and his wife Dominque Debroux (founders of the website Big Belli) were expecting their first child, they were overwhelmed with all of the information out there on pregnancy. They saw a need for “something informative that touched on the physical, medical, and emotional aspects of having a baby as well as created a sense of authentic community.” That’s when filmmaker Christopher was struck by the idea to create the full length documentary, 40 Weeks.

40 Weeks is the FIRST unscripted documentary on pregnancy! It follows the birth stories of 13 diverse families from the start of pregnancy through to the very end, week by week. We love that this film features women of different ethnic, racial, marital, geographic, and socio-economic statuses who are a variety of ages and in various states of health – there is truly someone for each viewer to relate to! However, whether you relate more to young, single mother, Sandy Massillon, or same-sex couple, Phoebe & Jen Hamilton, each special story will tug on your heart strings and fill you with that sense of community that all pregnant women should share.

Not only does 40 Weeks suck you in like your favorite reality TV show, but it provides valuable information on all aspects of pregnancy as well. This extraordinary documentary is backed by research from the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), the world’s largest nursing authority dedicated to the health of women and babies; HealthyWomen.org, the nation’s leading independent health information source for women, and the March of Dimes, a trusted organization at the forefront of saving babies for over 75 years. So, while you’re falling in love with each unique pregnancy journey, you can also rest assured that the facts shared are valid.

When you’re pregnant, it’s easy to feel alone and confused and to wonder if what’s happening to you is normal. Thankfully, 40 Weeks provides a special glimpse into all aspects of growing a baby while providing a sense of community among all pregnant women. You don’t have to feel alone any more!

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