5 Great Apps for Pregnancy and Postpartum

So you’re pregnant… now what?! Pregnancy comes with so many emotions and questions, but in this age of technology we can find some peace of mind in knowing we have unlimited resources at our fingertips. Here are 5 apps great for first time moms, as well as seasoned pro’s, that are great for pregnancy and postpartum!


Follow your pregnancy with this well-known pregnancy brand that brought you the book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Receive personalized content based on your due date that will educate you on your current stage of pregnancy.


What to Expect includes these 5 categories: Today, My Week, Tools, Community and Settings.

  • The main screen (Today) starts with what trimester and week of pregnancy you are in, the approximate size of your baby, and a countdown to how many weeks you have left.
  • You can watch a video and read about the changes happening in your body as well as with baby in the My Week tab. You can also look ahead to see what to expect in the weeks to come if you are curious about a specific point in time.
  • Under Tools you’ll find a photo journal option and a place to record tests and screenings.
  • The Community category is especially helpful if you are looking to connect with other moms, ask questions, get advice or share experiences.
  • Settings is where you’ll go to edit your due date, add another sibling, view frequently asked questions and manage your preferences.
Features We Love: 

The app is very informative and will answer so many questions you may have regarding all the overwhelming changes that occur during pregnancy. We love the ability to upload photos to the photo journal; it’s a great way to see how you have changed throughout your pregnancy! The What to Expect Community allows you to search specific groups, such as “Breastfeeding” or “Multiples and Twins” if you have questions or need support in that area.

Why “What to Expect”: 

What to Expect is not just an app that you use during pregnancy and forget about. Instead, it follows along with you in the journey of your child through those first years, continuing to give you personalized information and answer common questions along the way. You can download the app for free here: What To Expect.


This app is designed for after baby is born, but one of our moms here at Daily Mom even used the timer function to track and log her contractions during labor!


There are five categories on the main screen- Feeding, Diaper, Sleeping, Growth & Summary.

Under each tab you’ll find timers and options to create logs specific to that category.

  • Feeding includes breastfeeding, bottle feeding and solid foods. Here you can track when and how much baby ate, how many minutes she nursed for, and on which side. Like the timer in the Sleeping section, it has a pause option if you take a burp break or need to switch sides.
  • The Diapers section records wet, dry and dirty diapers, and when baby was last changed. 
  • The Sleeping tab will allow you to time baby’s sleep and help you see her sleeping patterns.
  • You can add weight, height and head size to the Growth section to find out what percentile baby is in and how she’s grown over time.
  • Summary and Guidelines shows all of your data in one place and compares it to the guidelines of where your baby should average in that category.
Features We Love: 

We love the interactive charts for baby’s daily activities and growth, the tips for helping baby achieve milestones, and the alarm reminders for feeding, sleeping and medicine. The fact that you can share the logs between multiple devices is genius as well! Dad has the option to log that late night feed, or your babysitter/nanny can easily keep track of the day while allowing you to feel involved and aware.

Why “MammaBaby”: 

This app is a dream come true for the “busy, forgetful, didn’t get enough sleep” mom that likes to record everything in an easy-to-see/easy-to-use and organized way. It’s so helpful for both first-time moms and experienced moms to create logs and see how your baby is progressing in an easy to use app. You can get the app for free here: MammaBaby.


Ovia Pregnancy is a great app that gives you personalized daily content including baby stats, relevant articles, daily tips, the ability to track photos, notes, and milestones throughout your pregnancy.


Ovia Pregnancy is broken up into 4 categories on the main screen- Calendar, Note, Milestone and MyQ Insights.

On the main screen you’ll see what trimester and week of pregnancy you are in, and a picture of a fruit or vegetable relative to your baby’s size. You’ll also find body changes, baby development, and healthy food recommendations.

  • Under the Calendar tab, you can see a month view where you can add a note, milestone, doctor’s appointment, or body stats such as weight, sleep, blood pressure, moods, and many more. If you click on a specific day in the calendar you can see your recorded data.
  • The Notes section is where you go to create lists or reminders for yourself. The options include: Just a Note, Photo, Questions for Doctor, Things to Buy, Things to Do, Baby Name Ideas, Hospital Bag and several others.
  • The Milestones tab will allow you to track new things in your pregnancy, such as belly pictures, ultrasounds, learned baby’s sex, first kick, etc. It’s an easy and fun way to journal your pregnancy.
  • The MyQ Insights category allows you to answer questions about your pregnancy to see the percentage of other women that have similar experiences, and also gives advice or insight about each question.
Features We Love: 

One of the cutest functions on this app is being able to see the life-size visual of your baby’s tiny hand! There are lookups that reference food safety, medication safety and symptoms so you never have to wonder what is safe or not safe during your pregnancy. This app also has “Ovia Exclusives”– coupons and special offers to baby products exclusive to those with the Ovia app.

Why “Ovia Pregnancy”: 

There are so many useful tools in this app to help educate you on your pregnancy. It’s an all-in-one app, including daily tips and development. It gives exactly what it claims– your entire pregnancy in one beautiful app. Download it for free here: Ovia Pregnancy Tracker.



Glow Nurture keeps you informed with daily insights and reminders to help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible. You’ll also receive personalized information regarding your baby and your stage of pregnancy.


On the main screen you’ll find these 5 categories: Home, Community, Genius, Alert and Me.

  • The Home screen shows you the date, how far along you are in your pregnancy, and the size of your baby. You can complete a daily log which includes Today’s Health Awareness, Today’s Insights, and Logs This Week. It also shows a week view so you can click and see the log from a specific day.
  • Under Community you’ll find top stories, pictures and posts from other moms who use the app. There is also a special group with moms who share your due date month, making it easy to share and read even more relatable experiences in your stage of pregnancy.
  • Genius is where you go to view and edit your checklists for your Hospital Bag and Baby Registry. It has the weekly view of your health log with any symptoms you added so you can see a comprehensive chart. It also shows graphs of your weight, blood pressure, height, heart rate, calories and nutrition so you can see how you are progressing over time.
  • Under Alerts you’ll find, edit, or add any notifications, appointments or reminders. You can also import suggested appointments to get a general idea of what your timeline might look like.
  • The Me section is where you can customize your profile and get insight into your pregnancy. You’ll find a Pregnancy 101 tab with information such as Your Pregnancy Diet, Exercising Safely, Illnesses and Medication, and many more.
Features We Love:

This app features a photo time-lapse function which gives the option to upload photos of your baby bump– it’s a great way to see your growth over time! The notes and list section, more specifically the Hospital Bag & Baby Registry lists, are especially helpful in ensuring you won’t forget anything you need for your big day and when you get home.

Why “Glow Nurture”:

This app encompasses all aspects of pregnancy in one place. It’s perfect for anyone who is health conscious looking for the ability to track and log information. You can download it for free here: Glow Nurture.



Choosing what you want on your registry can be overwhelming enough– let alone trying to decide what store you want to register at, and figuring out whether the items you want are available at that store. This app (and website) simplifies the process by allowing you to add anything from any store to one consolidated list.


BabyList has 3 categories at the bottom of the main screen: My Babylist, Add, and More.

  • Under My Babylist, you’ll find All Gifts/Available/Reserved where you can click to view each section. If you want to keep what’s already been purchased a secret, don’t look at the Reserved section! Your list is divided into these categories such as Baby Gear, Clothes and Accessories, Diapering, Feeding, General, Transportation, etc. You have the option to add more categories, rename the existing ones and rearrange them exactly how you want.
  • Click on Add to add an item via web address, the catalog suggestions or ideas by BabyList, or link/import a registry that you’ve already created at a store.
  • Under More you’ll find frequently asked questions, and the Contact Us option if you have any questions about the app.
Features We Love:

Being able to add anything to your registry from any website or store is amazing enough, but we love that it shows where you can buy each item and the price at each location. You can filter items by store if you only want to shop at a specific place. It also notifies you of price changes, if the item is no longer in stock, and if someone is buying you something– while still allowing you to keep it a surprise if you want. 

Why “BabyList”:

Anything you want on your registry, all in one place– what’s not to love about that concept? This app is not only simple for you, it’s simple for those who will be buying! You can download it here: BabyList or visit their website: BabyList.

Having apps you can count on to answer your questions, educate you, give solid advice and connect with other moms can feel like such a relief during pregnancy, so we suggest checking these out!

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For more great pregnancy resources, be sure to check out Books to Prepare and Give You Confidence for Labor.

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