Are you prepared? Top 3 Natural Childbirth Classes

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It’s finally becoming more and more real: you’re pregnant! Your tiny bump is surely growing and you’re starting to feel those first gentle kicks. As your beautiful creation develops you may have a thought about how you are going to deliver your baby. How you would like to deliver your baby is one of the first important decisions you will make as a parent. There are many options to help you and your partner prepare for your baby’s BIG arrival. Let’s explore a few natural childbirth preparation classes and see how they work!


Hypnobirthing is exactly as it sounds: hypnosis during childbirth. Self-hypnosis during childbirth has been around for centuries. Recently, it has been brought back into the spotlight and “re-vamped” into structured classes for expecting parents. The principal behind hypnobirthing or hypnobabies revolves around eliminating the association of pain with fear and tension through hypnosis. This is often referred to as the fear-tension-pain cycle. It is thought that when a woman’s body is calm (non-fearful), hormones are released which allow for muscle relaxation and an overall sense of comfort. The mother can then experience an easy and comfortable birth without medication.

How it works

Through relaxation, meditation, and visualization one can achieve a natural pain-free childbirth. The following are just some of the hypnobirthing practices:

  • Positive affirmations
  • Replacement of tension words, such as “contraction” with “surge”
  • Daily practice with partner
  • Fear elimination through confidence
  • Meditative relaxation techniques
  • Calm breathing


Bradley Method

The Bradley Method is often referred to as “husband-coached” childbirth. The class usually involves a 12 week commitment and can be a bit more intensive than other childbirth classes. The theory behind this method is that it takes months to prepare you and your husband for childbirth. Also, a “coach” position is not taught in just a few days, it takes time to become an effective and supportive coach. The primary goal of this method is healthy mother, healthy baby.

How it works

Through a series of small, intimate classes you and your partner can achieve a natural childbirth as a team. The following are just some of the Bradley Method practices:

  • Prenatal nutrition and fitness
  • Dealing and coping with discomforts during pregnancy and labor
  • Natural breathing
  • Being completely present in your body
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Life after the birth (breastfeeding, newborn care, etc.)



Lamaze techniques have evolved since the introduction of this method. It is heavily focused on breathing techniques to cope with labor and birth pains. Movement and massage are also key elements of the Lamaze technique. The technique was developed to help women naturally cope with pain from labor while still facilitating labor. The idea behind these coping mechanisms is to increase a mother’s confidence in her ability to give birth.

How it works

  • Focused breathing
  • Natural pain relief (massage, positions, water, etc.)
  • Informed and knowledgeable partner
  • Continuous one-on-one support


All of the above natural childbirth preparation classes can lead to¹:

  • lower cesarean section rates
  • decreased average length of labor
  • decreased use of pain relief medication
  • increased ease and comfort during labor and birth
  • greater emotional satisfaction for mothers

No matter which technique or method you and your partner use, the applied practices can teach you how to cope with labor and allow you to welcome your long awaited baby into a calm peaceful world.

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