Asking for help after a C-section


When people who live far away from their family are preparing to have a baby, many times they request no out-of-town house guests immediately after. In order to have a complete birth plan, you need to discuss the possibility of having a c-section, though frequently, people tend to discard that possibility in an “out of sight, out of mind” way.

The reality is that the amount of c-sections (both scheduled and emergency) is on the rise these days. C-section is surgery, and with that comes possible complications, as well as possible difficult recoveries. Having someone as your backup, can really come in handy.

Once you return home with your new tiny baby, you not only have to adjust to learn their cues and demands, you also need to be able to recover. Recovering from having a cesarean section can be slow-going, and will not be immediate.

It’s a great back-up plan to be able to rely on someone coming to your aid, such as a close family member, or good friend. The important thing to remember is that you need to be able to be comfortable enough with this person to not view them as a house guest. The last thing you need is to worry about meeting the needs, or comfort level, of another person immediately after your c-section.

Having this person in mind prior to going into labor can really help alleviate worry, and can also give that person ample opportunity to purchase a discounted airline ticket, and finalize travel plans. Emergency flights can be pricey, and facilitating flight times can also prove to be a hassle for new Dads who may have to go pick them up, or coordinate a taxi.

Having a person to help you once you get home, is a priceless thing. They can help by doing laundry, or making meals. Other visitors may arrive to see your new addition, and having someone there to take over as host(ess) in your place can also prove very helpful.

Having a backup you’re comfortable being around is a valuable option to think about while making your birth/c-section plan.

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