Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck

Baby showers are a time for celebration, camaraderie and sharing in love for the mom-to-be and her soon to arrive bundle of joy. Age old tradition dictates that showers must include an assortment of games to keep the guests occupied while they wait for gifts to be opened.

As you start your planning, think about what guests will be in attendance and what they will enjoy the most. A couples shower may call for more hands-on games while a group with the new mom, grandma, and aunts may be better suited to games that take place on paper. 

Put away the string! No woman wants to invite her friends over to guess how big her belly is, and diapers full of chocolate are just gross! Next time you’re challenged with finding games for an upcoming shower, give some of these a try, and impress the guests with how much fun they’ll have at the celebration.

Mom Bag

Fill a diaper bag or large purse with various baby items. Pass the bag around, and without looking, invite the guests to feel inside the bag. Whoever can identify the most items by touch alone is the winner.

Name Scramble

Provide each guest with 2 pieces of paper and a pen to write with. Ask each person to write down a first and a middle name and place each in a corresponding jar. In between gifts, ask mom to reach into the jars and select one name from each and read it aloud to the group.

Baby Playlist

Create a playlist of songs that include the word baby in the title. Play snippets of each and the guest who guesses the most song names and artists is crowned the winner.

Pro Tip: Pick songs from across the decades. Some of the guests may be older or younger than you are!

Songs to include:
  • Justin Bieber – Baby 
  • Whitney Houston – I’m Your Baby Tonight
  • Supremes – Baby Love
  • TLC – Baby Baby Baby
  • Britney Spears – … Baby One More Time
  • Christina Aguilera – Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)
  • Sir Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Back
  • Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby
  • The Pointer Sisters – Baby, Come and Get It
  • Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
  • Bye Bye Baby – The Four Seasons

She’s/He’s Got Your Eyes

Provide everyone at the party with a photo of each of the expecting parents and a pair of scissors. Invite the guests to mash-up how they expect the baby to look, and place their masterpiece on display for Mom to select who she thinks has the best prediction.

Baby’s First Library Card

Compile a list of quotes from well known children’s books and create printouts for everyone in attendance. Provide a 3 minute timer, and ask guests to guess the title of the book and who the author is. Elementary school teachers typically have an unfair advantage!  

Name that Decade

Create a list of the number one baby names from various decades. Invite guests to match the name with the decade it corresponds with.

Guess the Baby

Collect baby photos from all the guests invited to the shower or create a poster board of well-known celebrities as babies. Compile all the images together on a poster board and invite the shower attendees to identify the photos! This is a great game to play while waiting for everyone to arrive at the shower.

TV Moms

Set a timer for a minute and invite guests to list the names of as many TV moms as they can think of. Whoever has the longest list reads their mom picks aloud and is named the winner.

What Are You Craving

Before the shower, ask the mom-to-be what her cravings have been throughout her pregnancy. Write up a description of the craving that does not use the actual name of the items. At the shower, invite mom to read the craving description aloud to the group and see who can guess what her cravings have been.

The Best Babysitter

This game is great for determining which guest will make the best babysitter after the baby arrives. Just like high school parenting class, each guest will receive a potato or hard boiled egg that they can decorate with markers, stickers or other crafty items. Explain that it is their job to take care of the ‘baby’ throughout the party and that they can set the baby down but should not leave it unattended. At the end of the party, whoever still has a baby, or remembers where it is is a winner!

Whatever games you decide to go with, remember that a baby shower is all about honoring the mom-to-be. Pick 3-4 games to play, and pay attention to the crowd as the event takes place to decide when it’s time to introduce the next game. Don’t worry if you end up only playing one or two games, the goal is for everyone to have fun and enjoy the party!

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