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Boy or Girl_ Old Wives Tales-

Whether you’ve decided to find out the sex of your baby prior to his or her big arrival day or if you prefer to be surprised the day of, we’re all left wondering at some point during our pregnancies, “Am I going to have a boy or a girl?” There are a few ways you can be certain of the sex of your baby before their birthday, but it’s always fun to make guesses based on silly myths and old wives tales. In this post, we’ll go over some of the most common ways to predict your baby’s sex as well as some lesser known methods.

Common Old Wives’ Tales


The Ring Test

For this test, take your wedding ring and tie it to the end of a string. You can either try it yourself or have a friend or your spouse hold it over your pregnant belly as still as possible. According to the myth, if the rings begins to swing in a circle you should prepare for a sweet and sassy little girl, but if the ring swings back and forth in a straight line, get ready for a bouncing baby boy

This test can also be done with a needle tied to the end of a string.


Heart Rate

When you get to hear your baby’s heartbeat at your monthly prenatal appointment, make sure to ask what the BPM (beats per minute) were. The old wives say if the heart rate is below 140, you’re having a boy, and if it’s above 140, you’re having a girl.


Belly Shape

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and this is true into pregnancy as well. It is said that if your body carries the baby all around your midsection, you should expect a little lady. If your body carries the baby all out front and you’re “all belly,” a little lad is on his way.



Throughout pregnancy, it’s not uncommon to experience all sorts of cravings. The old wives believe that if you crave salty and savory foods, you should prepare for a boy but if you desire sweets, then you’re having a girl.


Chinese Prediction Calendar

Chinese legend has a method of predicting the sex of the baby that dates back more than 700 years! The chart predicts your baby’s sex based on the Chinese Lunar age of the mother at the time of conception and the Chinese Lunar month in which you conceived. 

If you’re curious about this method, try it out for yourself!


Morning Sickness

If you’re one of the unfortunate ones that had to endure week after week of nausea and morning sickness, it is said you should expect a little girl. If you managed to get through pregnancy without suffering through in front of the toilet, you should thank your little boy.

Unusual Old Wives’ Tales


Eye Test

This test is done using your left eye. Gently pull down your lower lid to expose the white of your eye, if you see a “V” shape, it is said expect a girl. If it’s just white, prepare for a boy.



Take a look at your legs. If you’ve noticed they’re a great deal bigger than they were pre-pregnancy, you should plan for a boy. If they have stayed nice and lean, get ready for that girl.


Key Test


Since you’re reading this, it won’t work for you but if you have a pregnant family member or a friend, try it out on her! Place a key down on a table and ask her to pick it up. If she picks it up at the top, she’s having a boy. If she picks it up at the bottom, she’s having a girl.



Have you been extra sensitive and moody during your pregnancy? If so, it may be because of the extra estrogen your body is dealing with carrying that baby girl. You’ll smile and be more pleasant if you’re carting around a baby boy.



Again, this one will be fun to try on a friend who is currently expecting. Ask her to show you her hands; if she keeps her palms down she’s team blue but if she keeps them palm up, she’s team pink.



Hair growth can be out of control during pregnancy, especially in certain areas. If you notice the hair on your legs growing at a record speed, it’s all due to that baby boy. If your leg hair growth has slowed, be sure to thank that little girl once she’s here.

While these myths are a lot of fun to test out during pregnancy, don’t start planning your nursery around the outcome since at the end of the day, they’re all just a bunch of silly little tales. 

Have you tested out any of these during your pregnancy? What was the outcome of the tests versus the reality? 

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